A secure workspace that helps D-Orbit soar above the clouds

A secure workspace that helps D-Orbit soar above the clouds

Italy-based global space transportation, D-Orbit, relies on Tresorit's digital workspaces to safeguard internal and external workflows. Teams working in three offices around the world collaborate using Tresorit's secure, end-to-end encrypted productivity tools to keep proprietary tech and business information safe.

D-Orbit focuses on what is known as in-space transportation. Their unique solutions help get cube-sates and microsatellites into their intended orbital positions quicker and more efficiently than traditional means. As a result, D-Orbit can cut a process that usually takes a few months into a period of a few weeks. In the future, their self-developed technologies will also allow them to move satellites already in orbit and decommission them, helping tackle the long-term challenges posed by the accumulation of space junk. However, all these novel technologies have to be protected, along with the data provided by their partners and customers.

Aerospace and cybersecurity

Over the past decade, the aerospace industry has seen an influx of private investment. As a result, it has become one of the world's most competitive industries, as teams around the globe take it upon themselves to solve myriad challenges. Some have lofty goals, such as making space tourism a financially viable business or searching for life beyond the edge of our solar system. Others are a bit more down-to-earth (pun intended) and use satellites to bring stable internet coverage to hard-to-access areas or shake up meteorology. D-Orbit believes that these new efforts will result in tens of thousands of satellites being launched into orbit over the next few years. This is the massive logistical undertaking they are working to support.

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However, every space project involves several parties. Getting a rocket and payload to space is not a one-person game, and lucrative business opportunities can also draw cybercriminals' attention. As a result, aerospace companies must be prepared to counter different cyber threats to keep their data safe.

Not only must they work to protect their IP, know-how, and proprietary technology from possible corporate espionage in the competitive space. They must also safeguard all customer information shared with them, which could include vital strategic information. Likewise, data received from other partners; technology suppliers can also be sensitive. Furthermore, companies should make an effort to protect the data they share with their partners, even after it leaves their organization.

Secure digital workspaces in the cloud

Tresorit has supported D-Orbit's growth from a small team in Italy to a multinational team with over 100 members and offices in Portugal and the US. They rely on the secure cloud storage and collaboration tools offered by Tresorit to protect their data, even as it moves between continents both within the company and outside. The team at D-Orbit can rest assured that their data is safe and secured with client-side zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption.

Relying on the admin center offered by Tresorit, they can define how partners can access and use the data shared with them by the company. Internally, our role-based access settings have helped them scale quickly and efficiently, while the Tresorit apps for virtually all mainstream operating systems ensure that their team can stay productive even when on the move or working from home.

Through these tools, and the inherent security of end-to-end encryption, D-Orbit protects its technology, as well as customer and partner information. Learn more about our secure cloud to find out how you could improve your security while making your workforce more flexible.