An introduction to Tresorit Content Shield

An introduction to Tresorit Content Shield

At Tresorit, we believe that every business should be given the right to take back control of their digital valuables.

We also believe that guaranteeing the security of your confidential information as you work with teams and external partners should not come at the expense of user experience – after all, the best way to encourage adoption of privacy measures is to make them intuitive and easy to use.

Our Tresorit Content Shield is a bold step towards realizing this vision: our most comprehensive package of content protection features yet, purpose-built to make external collaboration secure without creating extra hassle.

  • What is the Tresorit Content Shield?

Tresorit Content Shield supercharges Tresorit’s robust content protection capabilities with an additional layer of security features. It’s designed for larger businesses looking to securely share their work with third-party collaborators that sit outside their company.

  • What is external collaboration?

External collaboration is (in the context of the Tresorit Content Shield) the act of inviting or requesting 3rd party stakeholders to comment on, edit and view your intellectual property. In the age of digital transformation, we understand that getting the job done requires constant communication with external collaborators – be they partners in your supply-chain, consultants or auditors– and that managing this process efficiently is a key component to your success. Time = money!

  • Do I need an IT solution to collaborate more securely with clients and partners outside my company?

If your day-to-day tasks require that you regularly share sensitive information outside of your organization’s network, you should take precautions to ensure that you retain control over your content once it’s left your outbox.

Tresorit allows you to insert granular access/permission controls that prevent breaches/leakages and ensure you remain in the driving seat where your confidential information is concerned.

  • What risk am I taking by not protecting my sensitive content when working with outside organizations?

Without the right measures in place, sharing your content outside your organization can leave you vulnerable to data leaks. Without sufficient oversight on who is editing, downloading and viewing your important documents, you’re putting your company’s intellectual property at risk every time you attach and send a non-encrypted file link or attachment to even a trusted collaborator. In fact, almost half of all IT leaders recently surveyed for Tresorit* said a loss of control over files is one of their top risks when it comes to sharing information outside of their organization.

We also know that whilst 74% of IT leaders recently surveyed said they feel the current solutions they use for external sharing of confidential company data provide enough control and security, 70% of them revealed their company isn’t using end-to-end encryption to do so, leaving them vulnerable to data loss and security breaches.

This gap shows a discrepancy between the perceived level of security, and the actual level of protection currently in place to keep companies’ valuable data from falling into the wrong hands. There’s clearly a lot of room for improvement when it comes to securing external collaboration channels – so read on to find out how Tresorit can help!

*Survey of 750 senior decision makers responsible for IT security and / or IT systems in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, working in companies that employ at least 500 people

  • My industry is heavily regulated, is Tresorit Content Shield compliant?

Tresorit has a successful track record of working with customers in heavily regulated industries – from financial services (included, but not limited to: consumer banking, investment management and fintech) to manufacturing and legal services. We continuously monitor the global regulatory landscape and regularly update our product and security protocols in line with GDPR, ISO27001 and many other industry-specific bodies.

Thanks to our zero-trust architecture, the Tresorit platform is also compliant by design – and Tresorit Content Shield’s added layer of features takes this security to the next level.

Choosing an end-to-end encrypted productivity solution designed with external collaboration in mind ensures that every interaction with outside organizations is secure, each person accessing your files is trusted, and all your documents are shared safely.

Ready to proactively protect your content and secure your collaboration with external organizations? Talk to us about Tresorit Content Shield today.

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