How to get started as a Tresorit for Business admin (a video tutorial)

Managing a team securely should be a simple task even if you don’t have an IT expert at hand.

Using the intuitive Admin Center, any business owner, team leader and IT admin can tailor Tresorit’s security to how their organization works.

This simplicity helps many businesses provide the right people access to the right data.

Take your team to the cloud: Admin tools for secure deployment and operation

Many of our Tresorit for Business admins highlight that the best part of centralized administration is fast setup and easy team management. Managing Tresorit doesn’t take time away from critical tasks, boosting productivity.

To help you get started as a Tresorit for Business admin, we’ve put together a short video tutorial. It illustrates:

  • How to add and remove users
  • How to manage user groups and add access permissions
  • How to set up company policies and add security options like 2-step verification
  • How to check the stats of your team members


Check out the Tresorit Admin Center in action!


If you’re a Tresorit for Business admin, visit your Admin Center here!

If you’re not yet using Tresorit for Business, try it for free today. If you would like to learn more about central admin features, visit our Knowledge Base.

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