Looking back at 2019

Before tackling the new and exciting challenges that 2020 brings our way, it’s time to reflect on what we achieved in 2019.  What a year it’s been! As always, we addressed current issues in cybersecurity and listened to our customers’ feedback to make working in Tresorit an even smoother and more comprehensive experience.

Here’s a short recap of all the new features we released last year and how they take on compliance, collaboration and governance challenges.


Giving you the choice in data residency

Organizations with offices around the globe can keep their data in multiple countries, and users can be assigned to data centers, guaranteeing that they will only be able to keep their data where they are supposed to.

By making these new options available, we will help businesses satisfy company policy and industry or geography-related requirements for data storage location. Tresorit Business and Enterprise customers can now choose from multiple data center locations (Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and France) to store their data. Read more about Data Residency Options here.

Smoother collaboration

An easier way to avoid file conflicts

We’ve heard your feedback: file conflicts make collaboration in Tresorit challenging. We’ve also experienced this while using and testing our own product, so we know first-hand that it can be frustrating.

To address this issue, we developed the Editing badge. With the Editing badge, you can let your colleagues know you’re working on a file when you click “Mark as Editing.”

A secure solution for scanning your documents

With Tresorit’s Document Scanner, the photos you take of your work are automatically encrypted and uploaded to the cloud. Copies are never saved to your device, and after you’ve uploaded the documents, you can share them with your colleagues or partners right away.

Improved control and governance

Human error is still one of the leading causes of data breaches. Ultra-secure encryption is just one part of the puzzle – we want to give you the best possible tools to mitigate the risks of a potential data breach.

That’s why we’ve introduced several powerful features for increased control over your data.

  1. Know who accessed your content.
    When you enable email verification for shared links, you can check the access logs to see who opened your links.
  2. Control how your content is shared.You can now set up policies for user groups and make certain link settings mandatory, such as password protection, access logs, or expiration and open limits. Another new addition to our policies is the option of limiting tresor sharing for users: you now have the option to enable tresor sharing only within your subscription.
  3. See detailed reports on how your users are using Tresorit.
    You can generate and download CSV reports on the new and improved Reports page in the Admin Center. With reports on shared links, tresors, and external users, you can get valuable insights on what teams work with and gain visibility and control over internal and shared content.

We developed all these features to help you protect your data at all costs. In 2020, we’ll continue to deliver great features to enhance your security. Happy New Year!

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