Switching to online education: the challenges, opportunities, and how Tresorit can help

Switching to online education: the challenges, opportunities, and how Tresorit can help

Digitalizing education is no easy feat. Teachers, educators and students have been forced to move to a virtual study schedule from one day to the next due to COVID-19. This sudden shift brings a lot of challenges to everyone involved in education, since there was practically no time to prepare for a digital future.

A rapidly changing digital landscape for online education

Without a detailed plan, things are bound to be at least a little bit chaotic. For example, if there’s a lack of planning, different teachers might start using different platforms to work with their students, making it difficult for students to keep up with their classes and requirements. In such circumstances, it’s also hard to track the essential files needed for each class, for teachers and students alike. Teachers are not necessarily trained to plan and execute online classes and sessions, schools might lack the necessary equipment, and students’ home lives can easily interfere with their learning processes as well.

COVID-19 and remote education also forces people to acquire digital competencies. Many teachers and students who are a little less tech-savvy might find this time challenging, however, learning how to work digitally is crucial for future-proofing their knowledge.

Universities, in the meantime, are responsible for a large amount of research, which needs to be protected and secured due to its nature. This means that a simple public cloud collaboration service solution is not going to suffice – educational institutions will need a professional, secure solution.

Schools and educational institutions are also responsible for a large amount of personal data that needs to be protected so that they don’t become the target of malicious hackers. From children’s school records and health data to personal details of teachers, parents and staff alike, schools handle a lot of data that could potentially be an easy target for cybercriminals. To keep this data safe, educational institutions need to make data security a priority.

How Tresorit can help

Tresorit can provide an ideal solution for schools and universities looking for a digital space where they can safely send, receive, and collaborate on files. Currently, to support and give back during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re offering free access to Tresorit for educational institutions.

1. Central depository for educational material

Tresorit lets you store all files in one secure place, and setting up a clear and organized folder structure is easy. This can support educators, teachers and students in storing and finding all necessary documents without much hassle. Admins can manage access rights and permissions so that the right people can access the right files.

2. One single solution – for all levels of tech-savvy

Time is an important factor when it comes to digital transformation. Tresorit’s solution is easy to deploy and requires no set-up time or difficult deployment processes: once installed, all essential files can be stored safely in our secure cloud workspace. While digital natives and the younger generations will be used to platforms like Tresorit, our solution is designed to be straightforward and easy-to-use, so less tech-savvy users can learn how to work in Tresorit in no time as well.

3. Secure file sharing between teachers, students, and administration

Tresorit has a number of features that can support educational activities. For example, file requests make it easy for teachers to collect homework and assignments from students in one place, without having to track and save email attachments. Another useful feature is the document scanner, which can help students and teachers alike save their work directly to the cloud without worrying about security. Links and shared folders make it easy for staff members to store and find all relevant files.

4. High-grade and compliant protection for personal data

Tresorit was built with the highest-grade security standards in mind and is private by design. Our end-to-end encryption standards guarantee that students’ and teachers’ data, including personally identifiable information, is kept safe and secure. Our content collaboration platform is the ideal space to store, sync and share all sensitive documents, contracts and data, for teachers, students and school admin alike.

Tresorit is giving back to communities that keep our society strong. We’re currently offering Tresorit for free for educational institutions and students.

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