Tresorit x BBC Storyworks: securing D-Orbit’s space travel ambitions

Tresorit x BBC Storyworks: securing D-Orbit’s space travel ambitions

In its series, Digitally Enlightened, BBC StoryWorks explores how the pandemic has transformed Europe’s digital landscape and pushed cybersecurity to the forefront of many company’s priorities. In the latest episode, the team visited the space logistics company D-Orbit to understand how they use Tresorit’s secure cloud storage to reach escape velocity.

This video was produced for Tresorit by BBC StoryWorks,
the commercial content division of BBC Global News.

Based in Fino Monarsco on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, D-Orbit is a company working to revolutionize satellite logistics. Founded in 2011 by Luca Rossetini, the company has grown from a small team to a multi-national innovation powerhouse. Over 100 employees work in four offices around the world to make satellite technology more sustainable.

D-Orbit often finds itself fighting to exit the Earth’s atmosphere upon lift-off. Luckily, the digital cloud is one aspect they no longer have an issue with, thanks to Tresorit.

D-Orbit uses Tresorit’s end-to-end encrypted cloud to share vital technological and operational data between its offices and its partners, ensuring their operations run smoothly regardless of time and location. Tresorit’s secure file sharing toolset is geared towards helping companies keep their data secure yet easily accessible to those who are authorized to access it, whether internal stakeholders or external partners.

Tresorit supports this need with shared encrypted folders. Users can also create secure sharing links to provide limited access to a single file when needed. By replacing email attachments with these controlled options, companies retain control of their data even when it leaves their network and employee devices. In addition, links can be revoked at any time and access to shared folders deactivated.

In highly competitive industries, understanding which team members can access information and how they are using these files is vital to prevent corporate espionage. Tresorit’s Admin Center can support administrators in enforcing company data security, including limiting how employees can share data on a company or a role-based level. When needed, they can also check activity logs to see which employees have accessed a given file.

The secure collaboration tools that D-Orbit uses every day and Tresorit’s support for quickly scaling teams were vital in supporting D-Orbit’s rapid growth while retaining complete control over their intellectual property. Since the beginning of the pandemic, cybercrime has become increasingly common, and in 2021 the ransomware threat evolved into supply chain attacks and vulnerabilities uncovered in widely used tools, such as Log4j.

But in the aerospace industry, quick progress is everything. D-Orbit has to protect its intellectual property without compromising time-to-market for customers and partners, as D-Orbit’s Lorenzo Ferrario and Monica Valli explained to the Storyworks production team in the video above. Monica Valli, VP of Operations at D-Orbit, says:

Tresorit offers us a solution to our cybersecurity concern, offering us a space for safe storage of our data and also to share information and documentation in a secure way.

Watch the full video to learn how Tresorit helps D-Orbit’s master its digital take-off, and find out more about our secure file sharing tools.

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