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Tresorit is an easy-to-use alternative to SpiderOak, providing secure team collaboration with zero-knowledge encryption on all devices including mobile, under Swiss privacy.

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Tresorit is incorporated in Switzerland, stores data in the European Union and offers collaboration with zero-knowledge security on all devices and in your browser as well. More than a 1000 hackers tried to break our security for $50,000. No one succeeded.

SpiderOak Tresorit

Secure access

Zero-knowledge access and backup from desktop protected with end-to-end encryption
Zero-knowledge access and backup from mobile devices protected with end-to-end encryption (read-only)
Zero-knowledge access from web browser
Cross-platform availability (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android) (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, WP10)
Two-factor authentication

File sharing and collaboration

Zero-knowledge collaboration: file & folder sharing
Create shared folders with your team, invite members and share files securely
Upload photos with end-to-end encryption and edit files on your mobile
Invite members to shared folders and let them upload files
Simple, easy-to-use interface, loved by users Google Play rating: 3.5 Google Play rating:
Access files in your file manager without storing them locally, regardless of the available space on your hard drive

Compliance & control

Protect shared files and folders with expiration date, download limit and password
Admin Center: Easily manage user access and permissions with policy (Only via registry configuration) (Via simple Admin Center interface)
Disaster proof data centers compliant with ISO 27001
HIPAA compliance to protect patient health information
Protecting data under Swiss privacy regulations US company Swiss company

*Based on publicly available data

Backup, access & work on your files from anywhere

Work securely on desktop, mobile & browser

Unlike SpiderOak, you can upload, edit and save, not just access files on your desktop and mobile devices as well. Even accessing files from your web browser is zero-knowledge.

Read more about end-to-end encryption, the same technology used by SpiderOak

Keep track of changes

Stay safe and productive: access files directly from the cloud without syncing. Roll back to any previous version.

Share and collaborate with zero-knowledge privacy

Share and collaborate on files securely

Unlike SpiderOak's one-direction sharing (ShareRoom), you can easily collaborate with others by working on files in shared folders (tresors). Unlike SpiderOak, we never store files in plaintext.

Secure your folders in the cloud without moving them

No need to change your folder structure and move them to a central place like with Dropbox or Google Drive. Any changes you make will be automatically backed up and synchronized.

Keep company-wide control easily

Keep track with the Admin dashboard

Monitor your team and ensure data security

Unlike SpiderOak, you can easily manage users and create security policies. Use the Admin Center to see crucial stats and regulate access to Tresorit based on device used, location and more.

Explore Admin Center features

Protect your data with zero-knowledge encryption

While SpiderOak only secures their desktop apps, Tresorit offers end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge privacy on all devices and your web browser. Proven by more than 1000 hackers who tried to break our encryption for a bounty of $50,000. No one succeeded.

Learn more about security

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“Beats Spideroak for ease of loading, viewing, securing and sharing files.”– Deepak Sharma, 57 Creative

Why did our customers switch from SpiderOak?

  • End-to-end encryption with zero-knowledge standards

  • Redundant storage on ISO27001, SSAE 16 servers (Microsoft Azure)

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Complying with Swiss privacy laws

  • Cross-platform availability

  • EU data centers

  • Admin Center

  • 2-factor authentication

  • File versioning

  • Secure sharing options

  • Outlook integration

  • English, German, French, Spanish versions

  • Priority support within one business day

  • Knowledge base and best practices

  • Migration and onboarding support

  • Custom trainings enterprise

  • Custom server options enterprise

  • Custom audit trails enterprise