Remote Working for Healthcare Professionals and Institutions

HIPAA compliant, real-time mobile working solutions that secure confidential patient data with the highest classification in the cloud.

* Terms and Conditions Apply. Our special offer applies to public healthcare institutions and research companies.

Tresorit joins the fight against COVID‑19!
Tresorit is a HIPAA compliant, secure file storage and sharing solution that enables healthcare professionals to access files anywhere and collaborate internally and externally while keeping protected health information safe and sensitive patient records secure.
Work remotely and share data with patients securely. | Free remote working for Healthcare

Work remotely while keeping patient information and medical records safe

As COVID-19 continues its march around the world, it is spawning another kind of infection: COVID-19 cyber threats aimed at individuals and health systems.

Data sharing across platforms and with patients is essential, especially during a disease outbreak.

Ultra-secure, easily deployed
remote working solutions

Uncompromising security by design | Tresorit

Uncompromising security
by design

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  • Make unauthorized access technically impossible with our unique end-to-end encryption technology.
  • The keys to your data are entirely in your hands. Access to your documents is fully controlled by you.
  • Our zero-knowledge principle ensures that nobody, not even us, can access your highly sensitive content without your permission.
A single secure solution for many usecases | Tresorit

A single solution for many
use cases

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  • Empower seamless work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Advance your team’s collaboration and productivity.
  • Enjoy a digital workspace where your highly sensitive documents remain safe, including:
    • Your client’s confidential data
    • HR files
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Financial reports, sensitive operational reports and data
    • Top secret R&D data and files
    • Quotes
    • Contracts
    • Corporate Strategy documents
A secure external and internal collaboration platform | Tresorit

Remote working with
uncompromised security

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  • Provide value for your clients by protecting their top confidential data with the highest possible security.
  • Deliver a secure collaboration platform for customers and partners.
  • Safeguard your clients and your reputation from data breaches.
Secure collaboration
Tresorit provides an ultra-secure encrypted collaboration  platform

Secure collaboration

Working remotely through a cloud service can pose a significant risk especially when confidential data is at stake.

Tresorit offers a secure collaboration environment.

  • Work in an end-to-end encrypted environment
  • Manage and centralize projects in the cloud
  • Decide who can do what and for how long
Secure file exchange
Tresorit provides a solution for sharing files and encrypted links

Secure file exchange

While working remotely, employees rely heavily on the use of chat and email, neither of which are the best for sharing large files, nor the most secure way to share sensitive information.

Tresorit provides a solution for sharing files as encrypted links. A safer and more versatile solution compared to email attachments.

  • Share and request files up to 5GB securely
  • Set link expiration dates and file open limits
  • Protect links with password and email verification
Secure storage
Tresorit gives you the same encrypted security standards in several countries

Secure storage

During remote work the only thing that is usually centralized is where files are stored. Because of that it is crucial to make sure only authorized individuals can access it.

Users can create virtual safes or 'tresors' where all sensitive files are managed in a highly secure fashion.

  • Store confidential files in an end-to-end encrypted cloud environment
  • Based on your plan cloud storage space ranges from 200GB up to 1TB
  • Keep your files in sync between your local devices and the cloud at all times
File digitalization
Tresorit provides a secure scanner to digitize sensitive documents

File digitalization

Many employees don’t have the necessary means while working from home to quickly and securely digitalize sensitive files.
This should not be the case.

The Tresorit mobile application comes with a built-in document scanner feature that allows you to quickly capture and digitalize any document.

  • Snap a picture with your phone and Tresorit transforms it into a pdf
  • Share scanned files right away with anyone from anywhere
  • Immediately save scanned files to an encrypted cloud environment
User permissioning
Tresorit provides full control over your company’s data with user permissioning

User permissioning

Remote working on its own is a challenge. Managers need to keep track of their team’s operational outputs and need to have the ability to decide what employees can do with sensitive files and data.

Tresorit offers content permissioning where you can decide what authorized users can do with shared files and folders.

  • Owner: read, modify, share and delete files and folders
  • Manager: read, modify and share content
  • Editor: read and modify content
  • Viewer: read content
Tresorit provides accessibility from different devices no matter where you are


Remote work is most efficient if the utilized cloud service provides ease of use and convenience.

Tresorit offers multi-platform support and work efficiency support functions.

  • Supporting Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and Web
  • Access synced files on your device even when offline
  • Direct integration with Microsoft Outlook

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You’re working hard on the frontlines against COVID-19,
let us ease your burden by securing your confidential patient data with the highest classification in the cloud.

* Terms and Conditions Apply. Our special offer applies to public healthcare institutions and research companies.

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