Data Security: A Guide For Law Firms

Interested in learning about essential cybersecurity and data security best practices to keep your firm safe? This free guide from the cloud security company, Tresorit, helps you explore a series of key data security tips for legal professionals that, when taken together, will significantly improve data security by limiting the most often identified vulnerabilities.

In this free Data Security guide, you will:

  • Learn essential tips to secure your networks and databases
  • Understand how end-to-end encryption can help your business secure confidential files in the cloud
  • Get actionable tips on how to mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack
  • Get familiar with ways that can help raise cybersecurity awareness within your firm

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Get expert tips about how you can protect your firm against cyber threats

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“When you submit a bid for a Fortune 100 company, you need to explain what data security measures you have in place. With Tresorit, we'll get a leg up on other companies that use Dropbox.”

– Gregory Gulliver - Partner

Reduce your exposure to cyber attacks

Proper data security could be a challenge for law firms, especially now that most documentation is stored and shared online. With Tresorit, these security concerns can be minimized as Tresorit offers a highly secure yet easy-to-use way to store, sync and share files in the cloud.