The Tresorit Team

The Tresorit Story

Our story started when Istvan Lam, only 12, received his first cryptography book as a gift from his family. It sparked his interest in security and led him to start his fight for digital privacy in his late teens. 10 years after he first heard of cryptography, he founded Tresorit with 2 other students and the head of a leading IT security institution.

They shared the belief that people have a right to their privacy, even when they share and collaborate online. Not pleased with how large companies exploit internet users' information they started to develop a  solution that lets people decide who can access their data, without taking away from the ease of use which made cloud storage services popular. Another priority was to keep it as simple as possible, so that people don’t need to learn new ways of doing things to keep themselves secure.

Today, Tresorit is a 70 people company – where cryptographers, developers, designers and storytellers coexist in peace and harmony.

To demonstrate how much we believe in the capabilities of our secure system, we invited hackers and researchers from around the world to hack it for a prize. Professionals have been trying to get into our servers for 500 days, but nobody could ’win’ this $50,000 prize.

We NEVER collect or store your files, encryption keys and passwords in unencrypted or invertible form. Files and some corresponding encryption keys can only be decrypted by the people you have explicitly shared with.

Tresorit Privacy Policy

Meet the Tresorit Team


Istvan Lam Istvan Lam

Istvan Lam

co-founder, CEO

István is one of the inventors of Tresorit’s patented encryption technology. He is a passionate cryptographer since age 12 and was recently recognized by Forbes as one of the 30 most notable Tech people under the age of 30 in Europe (30 under 30).

Szilveszter Szebeni Szilveszter Szebeni

Szilveszter Szebeni

co-founder, CIO

As our CIO, Szilveszter continuously develops our technology further and solves encryption challenges that other companies cannot solve. He is an algorithms’ whiz and spends some of his free time creating challenges for coding competitions.

Gyorgy Szilagyi Gyorgy Szilagyi

Gyorgy Szilagyi

co-founder, CPO

As our Chief Product Officer, Gyorgy is obsessed with user experience. With an MSc in Finance, he combines both technical and business knowledge, so he can translate our customers' needs into great new security features.

Andrea Skaliczki Andrea Skaliczki

Andrea Skaliczki

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance, Andrea supports our ambitious growth plans with solid financial strategies. Before handling finances at Tresorit, Andrea spent 10 years at KPMG where she led accounting, treasury and controlling - so she knows first-hand how important it is to protect confidential financial documents.

Michel Henss Michel Henss

Michel Henss

Head of Sales

Michel leads the Sales team of Tresorit, helping businesses collaborate securely in the cloud. Before joining us, he managed enterprise sales projects at Deutsche Telekom. With his deep understanding of decision making processes and workflows, Michel provides unique insights for our product development teams.

Non-executive board members

Andreas Kemi Andreas Kemi

Andreas Kemi


Andreas is an early Investor in Tresorit and actively involved on the Board. An Entrepreneur at heart he was the Co-founder and CEO of Scala Business Solutions N.V, acquired by Epicor. Founder of Fathom Technology, merged with EPAM (NYSX) and UCMS Group Ltd. Early Investor in LogMeIn (NASDAQ) and Quinyx AB.

Marton Anka Marton Anka

Marton Anka

Member of the Board

Marton Anka is Co-Founder and former CTO of LogMeIn (NASDAQ), one of the world's top 10 SaaS companies. He played a crucial part in growing LogMeIn to a market leader in enterprise conferencing and remote access solutions. In 2013,he launched Caret, a new venture allowing smartphone users to share their address book and availability information in a revolutionizing new way.

Chris Houle Chris Houle

Chris Houle

Member of the Board

Chris is an early investor in Tresorit and works with us as a COO. His previous experiences and success in both corporate and from-scratch start-up environments is a great asset in daily decision making processes. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of Quantrix, a startup focusing on analytics software, and CEO of Scala Business Solutions.

Marton Szoke Marton Szoke

Marton Szoke

Angel investor

An entrepreneur and investor with a business background and solid technical experience. Founded several startups, the latest being Indextools, a software company specializing in enterprise on-demand web analytics software. In April 2008 Indextools was acquired by Yahoo! Inc.

Peter Tanczos Peter Tanczos

Peter Tanczos

Partner – Euroventures

Peter started his career as an investment analyst in 1993. Two years later he became a partner at the private equity firm Euroventures running, consecutively, four successful venture capital and private equity programs in Hungary, and neighboring countries.

Felix Suter Felix Suter

Felix Suter

Felix, a Swiss national, graduated from the University of Zurich and holds a degree as an Attorney at law. With over 15 years of experience as a legal professional, he currently works out of his own law firm. Mr. Suter is both legal adviser and a board member of several companies. Previous employment includes the District Court of Zurich, Alpina Insurance, Zurich and the Swiss Union Bank.

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