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TISAX-compliant IT tools for secure collaboration

Tresorit makes becoming TISAX compliant less taxing with secure collaboration features for optimal IT and email security.

Start your TISAX journey with Tresorit

Securing sensitive data across the automotive industry supply chain

Make obtaining the highest TISAX label for your business simple with Tresorit. Whether you’re storing sensitive files like prototype and testing data, or transferring confidential files to external partners, our ‘encryption by design’ philosophy keeps your email exchanges secure and your teams compliant with TISAX’s IT security assessment criteria of the VDA ISA catalogue version 5.0.

How Tresorit ensures data security and compliance

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption

Tresorit protects your files in the cloud with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption

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Data protection

Data protection

Keep personal data safe through architecture designed to ensure GDPR compliance

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Data residency

Data residency

Supporting your data obligations with easy-to-use data residency options

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TISAX VDA ISA requirements

Tresorit helps you to comply with

Organization of Information Security (1.2)
IS Risk Management (1.4)
Information Security in Human Resources (2)
Physical Security and Business Continuity (3)
Identity and Access Management (4)
IT Security/ Cyber security (5) / Cryptography (5.1)
Operations Security (5.2)
Supplier relationships (6)
Compliance (7)
Data protection (9)
Security and privacy
Zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption
Remote/local wipe devices
Continuous patching
Access & mobility
Internal & external collaboration
Admin Control

In this exclusive eBook, you’ll learn more about:

  • The core requirements & objectives outlined in 10 VDA ISA chapters
  • How Tresorit’s features help you meet those requirements in the simplest way

To learn more about how we handle your data, please read our Privacy Policy.

  • State-of-the-art cryptographic methods

    • Protect your data wherever it travels
    • Fulfil TISAX’s IT Security standards with best-in-class security protocols
    • Integrate & scale Tresorit easily to ensure all your locations receive a TISAX label
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    State-of-the-art cryptographic methods
  • Secure channels for internal and external data transfers

    • Build a controlled workspace and wave goodbye to friction when collaborating with your external suppliers and partners
    • Maintain TISAX compliance across your supply chain with advanced security settings
    • Track users and use sharing options and file request capabilities
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    Secure channels for internal and external data transfers
  • TISAX-compliant email communication through Tresorit for Outlook

    • Switch to end-to-end encryption as default with our M365 add-in
    • Securely exchange files with very high protection needs without ever leaving Outlook
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    TISAX-compliant email communication through Tresorit for Outlook
  • Secure mobile and remote access to business information

    • Build the foundations for a TISAX-friendly mobile and remote work strategy with Tresorit
    • Collaborate securely from any location with easy to use mobile and desktop applications
    • Control access to your files, data & documents through our Admin Center
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    Secure mobile and remote access to business information
  • Advanced control over file access and user rights

    • Achieve a high level of TISAX maturity with advanced access controls
    • Track changes to CAD drawing files and monitor activity on supplier documents
    • Enforce security policies with a few clicks through our Admin Center
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    Advanced control over file access and user rights

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