Tresorit Resources

  • The CIO Guide to Information Security

    The CIO Guide to Information Security

    Learn how to guarantee information security with end-to end encryption. Read more

  • Tresorit eSignatures

    eSignatures: the quick start guide for businesses in the UK

    Discover how digital signatures work and how they can benefit your business. Read more

  • Tresorit encryption architecture

    Tresorit encryption architecture

    Gain a high-level understanding of how Tresorit’s secure cloud is built. Read more

  • Tresorit GDPR Whitepaper

    Getting ready for GDPR with encryption

    See how end-to-end encryption helps your business ensure GDPR compliance. Read more

  • 7 ways Tresorit helps with GDPR compliance

    7 ways Tresorit helps with GDPR compliance

    Learn how Tresorit can help avoid the most common data breaches Read more

  • Data breaches under the GDPR

    Data breaches under the GDPR

    Webinar on how to handle data breaches in a GDPR compliant way Read more

  • Alpha Independent Mortgages
    Case study

    Alpha Independent Mortgages

    UK mortgage advisor avoids fines and keeps customers happy with Tresorit. Read more

  • TechRepublic


    Tresorit: An enterprise cloud standout with security features galore. Read more

  • Tresorit Whitepaper

    Tresorit Whitepaper

    Learn more about our cryptography guaranteeing the highest security for your files. Read more

  • The ultimate CEO guide to GDPR

    The ultimate CEO guide to GDPR

    Learn everything a CEO needs to know about GDPR and how to prepare for it Read more

  • Dropbox vs. Tresorit

    Dropbox vs. Tresorit

    Unlike Dropbox, Tresorit uses built-in end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • GDPR Compliance eBook

    GDPR Compliance eBook

    Learn more about getting ready for the GDPR. Read more

  • Tresorit Transparency Report

    Tresorit Transparency Report

    Read our report about how we manage data requests. Read more

  • Online backup & sync

    Online backup & sync

    Secure access of your files from anywhere. Read more

  • HR teams manage the most confidential files

    Data confidentiality survey

    HR, Executive, and Legal teams manage the most sensitive business data. Read more

  • Apogee Law Group
    Case study

    Apogee Law Group

    Tresorit helps West Coast IP law firm grow its business. Read more

  • GDPR and encryption

    GDPR and encryption

    Understand how encryption helps your business comply. Read more

  • Box

    Box vs. Tresorit

    Tresorit's end-to-end encryption provides the highest level of security for your business files. Read more

  • Tresorit for mobile

    Tresorit for mobile

    Enterprise-level data security from any mobile device. Read more

  • Privacy attitudes of German professionals

    Business privacy survey

    Our survey found that the majority of German professionals would prefer European services. Read more

  • GDPR compliance requirements

    GDPR compliance requirements

    The key implications of the GDPR for your business. Read more

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
    Case study


    Tresorit helps the WILPF connect women from all over the world to work for peace. Read more

  • Tech Advisor

    Tech Advisor

    Best Cloud Storage 2017: Cloud Storage Reviews - Tresorit. Read more

  • Encryption and GDPR

    Encryption and GDPR

    Learn more about the role of encryption in GDPR compliance. Read more

  • Dangers of the cloud report

    Dangers of the cloud report

    Tresorit survey shows US citizens fear the cloud, but still put sensitive data at risk. Read more

  • SpiderOak vs. Tresorit

    SpiderOak vs. Tresorit

    Tresorit helps team collaboration with zero-knowledge encryption on all devices including mobile. Read more

  • Secure file sharing

    Secure file sharing

    Tresorit makes secure file sharing convenient. Read more

  • GDPR expert tips

    GDPR expert tips

    Actionable tips to start preparing for the GDPR. Read more

  • Snowden survey

    Snowden report

    Tresorit survey finds Americans applaud Edward Snowden for his whistleblowing. Read more

  • What is personal data?

    What is personal data?

    Learn what personal, sensitive and confidential data is. Read more

  • Jiyan Foundation
    Case study

    Jiyan Foundation

    The Berlin-based NGO protects data of war victims with Tresorit. Read more

  • EY

    Tresorit Security Evaluation Summary

    EY Cybersecurity confirms Tresorit’s security claims after concluding Penetration Testing, Source Code and Cryptographic Review. Read more

  • New Tresorit features launched

    New Tresorit features launched

    Tresorit updates business software to support GDPR compliance Read more

  • SugarSync vs. Tresorit

    SugarSync vs. Tresorit

    Access your files securely from anywhere, with built-in end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • Data security

    Data security

    Secure your files in EU data centers with end-to-end encryption & Swiss privacy laws. Read more

  • Little Venice Partners
    Case study

    Little Venice Partners

    M&A firm replaces virtual data room, saves costs and increases productivity with Tresorit. Read more

  • Google Drive

    Google Drive vs. Tresorit

    Secure and easy-to-use file sync with end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • Cloud security for businesses

    Cloud security for businesses

    Protect your business data while collaborating in the cloud. Read more

  • Community Psychotherapy Network
    Case study


    The London-based CPN shares sensitive health data securely with Tresorit. Read more

  • OneDrive vs. Tresorit

    OneDrive vs. Tresorit

    Backup and access your files on all devices, with end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • Wuala vs. Tresorit

    Wuala vs. Tresorit

    After Wuala shut down, they recommended Tresorit as a secure cloud storage. Read more

  • How to ensure to GDPR-ready file management?

    How to ensure to GDPR-ready file management?

    Explore how Tresorit can enable secure file management & collaboration Read more

  • How to ensure to GDPR-ready file management?

    We are past the deadline, but businesses still aren’t ready for GDPR

    We created an assessment to test businesses’ knowledge of and level of preparations for its requirements. Read more

  • Plan and apply company policies

    Planning and creating data security policies

    Learn the basics of building a secure framework for your team in our success guide. Read more

  • Plan and apply company policies

    Is there such a thing as zero trust?

    Learn how trust and cybersecurity interconnect Read more

  • Tresorit Admin Center video

    Introducing the Admin Center

    Learn more about the features and control options available in the Admin Center. Watch the video

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