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  • Tresorit GDPR Whitepaper

    Getting ready for GDPR with encryption

    See how end-to-end encryption helps your business ensure GDPR compliance. Read more

  • 7 ways Tresorit helps with GDPR compliance

    7 ways Tresorit helps with GDPR compliance

    Learn how Tresorit can help avoid the most common data breaches Read more

  • Data breaches under the GDPR

    Data breaches under the GDPR

    Webinar on how to handle data breaches in a GDPR compliant way Read more

  • Alpha Independent Mortgages
    Case study

    Alpha Independent Mortgages

    UK mortgage advisor avoids fines and keeps customers happy with Tresorit. Read more

  • TechRepublic


    Tresorit: An enterprise cloud standout with security features galore. Read more

  • Tresorit Whitepaper

    Tresorit Whitepaper

    Learn more about our cryptography guaranteeing the highest security for your files. Read more

  • The ultimate CEO guide to GDPR

    The ultimate CEO guide to GDPR

    Learn everything a CEO needs to know about GDPR and how to prepare for it Read more

  • Dropbox vs. Tresorit

    Dropbox vs. Tresorit

    Unlike Dropbox, Tresorit uses built-in end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • GDPR Compliance eBook

    GDPR Compliance eBook

    Learn more about getting ready for the GDPR. Read more

  • Tresorit Transparency Report

    Tresorit Transparency Report

    Read our report about how we manage data requests. Read more

  • Online backup & sync

    Online backup & sync

    Secure access of your files from anywhere. Read more

  • HR teams manage the most confidential files

    Data confidentiality survey

    HR, Executive, and Legal teams manage the most sensitive business data. Read more

  • Apogee Law Group
    Case study

    Apogee Law Group

    Tresorit helps West Coast IP law firm grow its business. Read more

  • GDPR and encryption

    GDPR and encryption

    Understand how encryption helps your business comply. Read more

  • Tresorit DRM

    Tresorit DRM

    A new level of security for document collaboration and sharing. Read more

  • Box

    Box vs. Tresorit

    Tresorit's end-to-end encryption provides the highest level of security for your business files. Read more

  • Tresorit for mobile

    Tresorit for mobile

    Enterprise-level data security from any mobile device. Read more

  • Privacy attitudes of German professionals

    Business privacy survey

    Our survey found that the majority of German professionals would prefer European services. Read more

  • GDPR compliance requirements

    GDPR compliance requirements

    The key implications of the GDPR for your business. Read more

  • Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
    Case study


    Tresorit helps the WILPF connect women from all over the world to work for peace. Read more

  • Tech Advisor

    Tech Advisor

    Best Cloud Storage 2017: Cloud Storage Reviews - Tresorit. Read more

  • Encryption and GDPR

    Encryption and GDPR

    Learn more about the role of encryption in GDPR compliance. Read more

  • Dangers of the cloud report

    Dangers of the cloud report

    Tresorit survey shows US citizens fear the cloud, but still put sensitive data at risk. Read more

  • SpiderOak vs. Tresorit

    SpiderOak vs. Tresorit

    Tresorit helps team collaboration with zero-knowledge encryption on all devices including mobile. Read more

  • Secure file sharing

    Secure file sharing

    Tresorit makes secure file sharing convenient. Read more

  • GDPR expert tips

    GDPR expert tips

    Actionable tips to start preparing for the GDPR. Read more

  • Snowden survey

    Snowden report

    Tresorit survey finds Americans applaud Edward Snowden for his whistleblowing. Read more

  • What is personal data?

    What is personal data?

    Learn what personal, sensitive and confidential data is. Read more

  • Jiyan Foundation
    Case study

    Jiyan Foundation

    The Berlin-based NGO protects data of war victims with Tresorit. Read more

  • Cloud Storage Buyer's Guide

    Cloud Storage Buyer's Guide

    Read how cloud storage services compare, and what your company needs to succeed in the cloud. Read more

  • New Tresorit features launched

    New Tresorit features launched

    Tresorit updates business software to support GDPR compliance Read more

  • SugarSync vs. Tresorit

    SugarSync vs. Tresorit

    Access your files securely from anywhere, with built-in end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • Data security

    Data security

    Secure your files in EU data centers with end-to-end encryption & Swiss privacy laws. Read more

  • Little Venice Partners
    Case study

    Little Venice Partners

    M&A firm replaces virtual data room, saves costs and increases productivity with Tresorit. Read more

  • 5 steps to GDPR compliance

    5 steps to GDPR compliance

    Webinar on the key steps to manage your data securely Read more

  • Google Drive

    Google Drive vs. Tresorit

    Secure and easy-to-use file sync with end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • Cloud security for businesses

    Cloud security for businesses

    Protect your business data while collaborating in the cloud. Read more

  • Community Psychotherapy Network
    Case study


    The London-based CPN shares sensitive health data securely with Tresorit. Read more

  • OneDrive vs. Tresorit

    OneDrive vs. Tresorit

    Backup and access your files on all devices, with end-to-end encryption. Read more

  • Wuala vs. Tresorit

    Wuala vs. Tresorit

    After Wuala shut down, they recommended Tresorit as a secure cloud storage. Read more

  • How to ensure to GDPR-ready file management?

    How to ensure to GDPR-ready file management?

    Explore how Tresorit can enable secure file management & collaboration Read more

  • How to ensure to GDPR-ready file management?

    Deadline is coming but businesses still aren’t ready for GDPR

    We’ve created an assessment 4 months ago to test your preparation to GDPR. It turns out that in the vast majority of cases businesses are not ready for it. Read more

  • Stay in Control with Tresorit Business

    Stay in Control with Tresorit Business

    Track file downloads, set file-sharing restrictions and encrypt important documents. Read more

  • Plan and apply company policies

    Planning and creating data security policies

    Learn the basics of building a secure framework for your team in our success guide. Read more

Did you know that Tresorit is the most secure place for your files in the cloud?

  • End-to-end encryption & Swiss privacy
  • Highly secure European data centers
  • Helps with GDPR Compliance

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