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Learn how companies use Tresorit to win and retain clients by providing them the highest level of data security in the cloud

Market-leader in space logistics and orbital transportation services D-Orbit turns to Tresorit to secure the storage and exchange of highly sensitive data.

Monica Valli, VP of Operations at D-Orbit

With an impressive array of security features Tresorit is helping us achieve GDPR compliance coupled with excellent usability making deployment straightforward

Ian Wheeler, IT Manager of 4 New Square

Tresorit values the security of my business unlike anybody else. Contrary to mainstream providers like Dropbox, Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee that my files are safe in the cloud.

Will Bakke, Founder & CEO of Riot Studios
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See how Tresorit is helping teams work securely

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions

Exchanging large amount of data with external partners in a secure, simple and GDPR-friendly way

At Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions we have been using Tresorit since 2016, with a great deal of satisfaction. For many of our colleagues our internal cross-collaboration tools are more than enough for their daily work. However, there are colleagues who need to share massive amount of data with external partners. Tresorit provides this securely, effectively, and in a GDPR compliant way, which were all considered key aspects through our decision-making process.

Gábor Borda, Service Delivery Manager


A market leader in manufacturing required a solution to help protect confidential information and improve collaboration between teams.

Understandably, our R&D and Procurement departments had become extremely cautious when it came to collaborating with external partners, suppliers and internal colleagues. Since the introduction of Tresorit, our confidential documents are only exchanged through Tresorit – and things have become secure, controlled and run smoother for all parties involved.

Felix Nolte, Solution Manager Workspace at Viessmann IT Service GmbH

Erste Bank

A leading financial services company in Central Europe required a solution to secure their collaboration with external agencies.

Tresorit has helped to make collaboration with external agencies smooth and secure as we continue to digitize our creative asset planning and development processes.

Attila Ács, Senior Digital Sales Expert and Product Manager

Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk as one of the world’s foremost intellectual property practices protects confidential data with Tresorit to ensure security

Key to intellectual property is discretion. A huge amount of research and development, creativity and hard work goes into each of our client’s innovations and it’s crucial that this investment is protected. Security, confidentiality and encryption are therefore critical to the service we provide and we are pleased to be working with Tresorit to ensure this security. Tresorit’s user-friendly interface and simplicity enables us to share data safely, flexibly and efficiently and our attorneys have been impressed with Tresorit

Govinder Mudhar, Group Infrastructure & Operations Manager at Marks & Clerk, one of the world’s foremost intellectual property practices.

Cologne Bonn Airport

German airport secures external collaboration with airlines, suppliers and other third parties using Tresorit’s secure cloud technology

Tresorit allowed us to unify the way we collaborate with external parties making the file exchange easy and secure. It also helps us in project management and being GDPR compliant. This technology is a perfect fit for the safety and compliance requirements of the airport.

IT Project Manager Office at Cologne Bonn Airport

German Red Cross

The German Red Cross is using Tresorit to share editable documents with their teams internally

German Red Cross

Tresorit is a big relief in sharing editable documents between our numerous facilities and outposts.

Gunnar Jasinski, Data Protection Coordinator at German Red Cross, with over 3.5 million members, being the third largest Red Cross society in the world.


Storing confidential employee data of over 3,000 clients, a Paris-based software-as-a-service company spared no effort to find the most secure cloud service on the market

In the end, it all came down to security. We wanted to make sure our data is safe at every step of the chain. Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption guarantees just that.

Guillaume Gohin, Head of Information Security


Market-leader in space logistics and orbital transportation services D-Orbit turns to Tresorit to secure the storage and exchange of highly sensitive data.

As a company working on innovation, and in the aerospace field, it's very important for us to protect our intellectual property. The best way for us to do so is to keep the development protected inside the company. Tresorit offers a solution to our cybersecurity concerns, by offering us a space for safe storage of our data and a way to share information in a secure way with our partners and customers through encrypted links. We chose Tresorit because it's very easy to use.

Monica Valli, VP of Operations at D-Orbit

Public International Law & Policy Group

Global pro bono law firm PILPG is using Tresorit to store and share sensitive information securely

Encryption is critical to the work we do with human rights defenders. Tresorit allows us to securely share and store sensitive information in a way that protects the people we work with and the information itself.

Elinor Stevenson, Senior Counsel at PILPG, a global pro bono law firm providing legal assistance to developing states and sub-state entities involved in conflicts.

Icon Films

Production company Icon FIlms using Tresorit as a cloud backup to archive valuable project data

We’ve been using Tresorit for years now as a cloud backup for our edit projects. The syncing is fast and reliable and the app is simple to use. It’s great to know our valuable project data is securely archived.

Tom Cooper, Post Production Supervisor at Icon Films, an award-winning production company producing programmes for broadcast by networks both in the UK & US.


Using Tresorit, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom ensures the security and privacy of data

Because we work together with activists in conflict zones, we need online services that guarantee security. Our peace activists face threats and can be in danger if their names or their data gets to the wrong hands

Line Favre, International Office Manager at WILPF, a Nonprofit bringing together women from all over the world to work for peace, with sections in 37 countries.

4 New Square

Barrister chamber chooses Tresorit to cover all aspects of data security and compliance

The automatic, end-to-end encryption is the best thing about Tresorit by far. The company has also been very proactive in listening to our feedback. It is constantly developing and adjusting to the market needs. For us it is the perfect fit.

Ian Wheeler, IT Manager of 4 New Square, a leading commercial set of barristers, comprising 79 independent practitioners of whom 22 are Queen's Counsel

Bearstone Global

A global business intelligence and investigations firm needed a super-secure cloud storage and collaboration tool to put clients’ mind at ease

We looked at a number of other options, but in the end, we chose Tresorit because it basically ticked all the boxes.

Paddy Beiner, Managing Director and Partner


International consulting and technology firm chooses Tresorit as a safe and stable alternative to servers

I’m really happy with the features Tresorit offers. The system is pretty robust and ensuring that our data is safe couldn’t be more straightforward. Tresorit’s cloud solution is exactly what we needed.

Dr. Christoph Plapp, Owner and Managing Partner of Logivations, an international consulting and technology company with headquarters in Munich

Calliope Interpreters

A global network of interpretation service providers was looking for a safe and secure file-sharing solution to put their clients’ minds at ease about data security.

Using Tresorit, they can collaborate in an efficient, user-friendly way instead of sending dozens of emails around the world.

Christoph Renfer, President of Calliope Interpreters


Global headhunting company boosts efficiency and safeguards sensitive information

What won me over in the first place was how easy-to-understand and easy-to-use it is, both on mobile and desktop. I like the simple, clear interface and that it only takes a few seconds to drag and drop a folder into the cloud, no matter where you are.

Thomas Zahlten, Founder and Managing Director, Breadhunter

Jiyan Foundation

The Jiyan Foundation enables its team to work from anywhere & protect data with Tresorit

Tresorit truly is as safe as it gets, and it is actually really easy to use. It's also very quick and flexible. You can sync whole folders to your computer, or use it as a cloud.

Leif Hinrichsen, CFO, Jiyan Foundation, a Nonprofit supporting survivors of human rights violations and defends fundamental freedoms in Kurdistan.

Human Rights Network for Journalists

Human Rights Network for Journalists - Uganda securely stores and transfers sensitive information with Tresorit

End-to-end encryption has helped us ensure that no one has a glimpse into our projects and interferes with our work. With Tresorit, we can securely store and transfer information without having to worry about unwanted surveillance.

Emmanuel Magambo, IT and Media officer, HRNJ-Uganda, a network of human rights journalists in Uganda working towards enhancing the protection of human rights.

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope is using Tresorit as a secure place to store and archive protected health information.

The solution we have put together with Tresorit — and a secure online fax service — has significantly improved our handling of sensitive medical information. We can be comfortable that the information is stored securely and is also safe during its transit to Tresorit.

Mark Cutler, IT Support Volunteer, Wings of Hope

Intergroup Partners

A management consulting firm is ensuring GDPR compliance in the cloud with Tresorit

Tresorit simplified a lot our internal processes and helps us to collaborate with our clients easily, while reassuring them that their data are handled in a compliant way. There is no excuse for anybody not to use Tresorit.

Montserrat Corominas, CEO of Intergroup Partners, an international consulting firm, with expertise in Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, IoT and Security

Riot Studios

Media Production company Riot Studios uses Tresorit as a secure & convenient alternative to hard drives

Tresorit values the security of my business unlike anybody else. Contrary to mainstream providers like Dropbox, Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee that my files are safe in the cloud.

Will Bakke, Founder & CEO of Riot Studios, an award-winning film production company located in Austin, Texas.

AITP Atlanta

A US-based association was looking for better and safer ways to collaborate and help IT professionals build stronger partnerships, exchange ideas and learn from each other

Tresorit enables collaboration in a secure and safe environment that no other tool we found has been able to match.

Steven Wright, President AITP Atlanta

Forge Design

A global talent network of 200-plus automotive designers needed a hassle-free solution for storing and sharing confidential client materials.

Tresorit enables us to provide our clients the highest possible level of information security, with utter simplicity. It’s the perfect solution for us.

Kieran Singleton, co-founder of Forge Design

Apogee Law Group

Apogee Law Group, a West Coast IP law firm grows business with Tresorit

When you submit a bid for a Fortune 100 company, you need to explain what security measures you have in place. With Tresorit, we’ll get a leg up on other companies that just use Dropbox

Gregory Gulliver, partner at Apogee Law Group, a law firm specialized in helping Fortune 100 corporations with all their legal needs regarding Intellectual Property

Cardiac Research Institute of Basel

Swiss medical research institution with a global reach is now safely storing and sharing patient data thanks to Tresorit

Compared to other services like Dropbox, Tresorit’s solution is much safer, compared to manual encryption, it’s less hassle, and compared to other online services, it offers a much better overall package

Dr. Tobias Zimmermann, Research fellow, The Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel

Little Venice Partners

M&A firm replaces virtual data room, saves costs & increases productivity with Tresorit

After one of the partners' Dropbox accounts was compromised, switching to Tresorit couldn't have been simpler for us. Their customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced.

Robert Frodsham, associate at Little Venice Partners, a London-based financial advisory firm specializing in company growth, project equity, and debt advice.

One Tent Health

A healthcare startup has found remedy for its data management woes in Tresorit’s easy-to-handle, reliable cloud solution

Pretty much everything that goes into running the organisation is managed through Tresorit. We haven’t felt limited at all, in terms of capacity, availability or security, which is one of the best things you can say about the product... And the fact that it helps us stay HIPAA-compliant is amazing.

Mackenzie Copley, Co-Founder and CEO, One Tent Health


Consulting company Eurogrant is handling client's data & research ideas securely with Tresorit

Our most sensitive data are our clients' ideas. By switching to Tresorit our consultants and clients are now presented with the desired flexibility - without having to compromise their data security.

Frank Bösenberg, CEO of Eurogrant, a German consulting company, which supports universities and businesses procuring funding from EU research projects.

America's Choice Provider Network

A Nevada health care company needed a cloud-based file storage solution that was easy to use and ticked all the boxes on the HIPAA compliance checklist

One of the things that tipped the scales in Tresorit’s favour was its zero-knowledge technology, which essentially makes its tresors a bullet-proof place to store, sync and share files from anywhere, anytime.

Seth Breeden, COO

Stacked Capital

A New York-based venture capital firm found the reliable, hyper-secure online storage and collaboration tool they were looking for in Tresorit

Secure link sharing is very important to us because before we make an investment, we must share related documents with our lawyers, who work outside the company. Through secure links, they can quickly check the data room and give us their opinion.

Alon Hillel-Tuch, Managing Partner

Deshoulières Avocats

The Paris-based law firm found speed and security in the cloud, and now uses Tresorit as a major selling point with clients

I’d known about Tresorit’s security features when I signed up. What surprised me was how easy it is to use. I downloaded the app and the desktop version, and understood them straight away. It was a welcome change that using Tresorit doesn’t require any specialist IT skills whatsoever. Finally, extra security doesn’t mean inconvenience.

Etienne Deshoulières, Founder and Managing Partner, Deshoulières Avocats

Alpha Independent Mortgages

Switching to Tresorit results in happier customers and a competitive edge for Alpha Independent Mortgages

Clients were frustrated with encrypted email, and often sent sensitive documents in plain email. Sharing with Tresorit is easy. People appreciate that we handle their documents securely. It sets us apart from our competitors.

Guy Applebee, Partner, Alpha Independent Mortgages, a UK-based financial advisory firm with clients filing for 2,000,000 GBP mortgages.

Boone County Sheriff's Department

Law and order: detectives protect and serve citizens using Tresorit’s cloud solution

We’ve had products before that have gone to waste because nobody would use them. But everyone has bought into using Tresorit.

Tony VonDerHaar, Detective, Boone County Sheriff's Department

Martell, Donnelly, Grimaldi & Gallagher, P.A

US Law firm MDGG is using Tresorit to store sensitive information in the cloud in a HIPAA compliant way

Tresorit offers a great product that’s HIPAA compliant and perfect for storing and sharing sensitive information.

M. Patrick Gallagher, Attorney at Martell, Donnelly, Grimaldi & Gallagher, a law firm specialized in personal injuries, wrongful death & insurance defense claims

Raiffeisen Mitte eG agricultural cooperative

German agricultural cooperative provides sales representatives secure cloud space from Tresorit to accelerate information sharing and to consult farmers in a more efficient way

The most important benefits to us are the support availability and response time. The portfolio and the features are the foundation, but the customer experience tips the scale. You can find lots of cloud storage providers but no one as nice as Tresorit.

Sergei Krükov, IT-coordinator, Raiffeisen Mitte


A Budapest-based specialist consulting firm was looking for a way to leave unsafe file-sharing practices behind and safeguard ultra-sensitive client information

We rolled out Tresorit back in 2014 and it was the best IT-related business decision we’ve ever made.

Dr. Zoltán Pápai, CEO, Infrapont

Community Psychotherapy Network

Using Tresorit, CPN stores and shares sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) securely

For us, Tresorit ticked all the boxes. It has enough storage space, an adequate level of security and privacy, it is available on tablets and phones, and it's also user-friendly.

Janos Verebes-Weisz, Founder of Community Psychotherapy Network, a London based health care provider offering services for individuals, groups and families.

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