Tresorit vs Dropbox - Cloud Storage Security Comparison

A Switzerland-based Dropbox alternative, Tresorit is the ultra-secure solution for businesses and individuals looking to store, sync and share files with peace of mind in the cloud.
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Why security conscious companies choose Tresorit over Dropbox

Mainstream cloud storage providers, like Dropox, only use partial encryption for your data. This alone is not enough to protect you – for true security in the cloud, you need more. Try Tresorit, the secure Dropbox alternative!

  • Dropbox


  • Dropbox

    Only partially encrypted.

    Dropbox decrypts your files when they reach their servers, making your content vulnerable to hacker attacks and data leaks. Since they store your encryption keys to do this, they and anyone who breaches their servers can view your files.


    Fully end-to-end encrypted.

    Your files are encrypted on your device and never decrypted until they reach your intended recipient - only you and anyone you authorize can decrypt the files. Even if our servers were breached (which has never happened), your files would not be readable to hackers.

  • Dropbox

    Regularly accesses and views your content.

    Dropbox and third-party providers they work with regularly scan and store your file content in order to provide certain services and create targeted advertisements. This creates opportunities for your data to be misused or lost in the process.


    Cannot access your content due to our Zero-Knowledge protocol.

    Zero-knowledge means that nobody besides you holds the keys to your data, not even us, your service provider. Even if we wanted to, it would be impossible for us to decrypt and view your file content.

  • Dropbox

    Falls under US CLOUD Act.

    This legislation grants US government agencies and law enforcement full access to cloud data hosted by US companies, like Dropbox, regardless of the location of the data server. They can also legally prohibit Dropbox from informing you of their access request with a gag order.


    Protected by Swiss privacy laws.

    Tresorit is headquartered in Switzerland and therefore your data is protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world. As a Swiss company, Tresorit cannot be compelled to participate in mass surveillance by US or EU intelligence agencies.

Compare more features

  • Encryption & security

    • Encryption at rest and in transit
    • End-to-end encrypted storage
    • End-to-end encrypted sharing
    • Zero-knowledge authentication
    • 2-Step Verification
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Custom server location
  • Storage & file management

    • Sync any folders
    • Desktop sync app
    • Linux sync app
    • Network Drive
    • Selective synchronization
  • Mobility

    • Edit files on mobile devices
    • Automatic camera upload
    • Remote wipe of mobile devices
    • Passcode lock on mobile devices
    • Cross-device support
    • Zero-knowledge access from browsers
    • End-to-end encrypted document scanning
  • Collaboration

    • Unlimited file versioning
    • Deleted file recovery
    • Live, in-app collaboration
    • Subfolder-level sharing
    • Internal file paths
  • File-sharing

    • Granular permission level for collaborators
    • File requests
    • Password protection for links
    • Expiration date for links
    • Download limits for links
    • Require email verification
    • Link tracking
    • End-to-end encrypted emails for Microsoft Outlook
    • Simple electronic signatures
    • Qualified electronic signatures
    • Document analytics
  • Administration

    • Admin center
    • Company-managed groups
    • Device-restriction policies
    • IP-restriction policies
    • Active Directory integration
    • Sharing policies – share only within subscription
    • Link settings policy
    • SIEM integrations
    • Email preference settings for admins
    • SSO
    • Sharing policies
  • Deployment

    • Support center
    • Live chat Support
    • Deployment support for SMBs
    • Deployment
    • Custom branding

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