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Secure your digital life with a personal cloud storage

Make sure your most sensitive personal and family files and pictures never get into the wrong hands with Tresorit’s end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge personal vault, and are always available whenever you need them.

Protecting your vital personal and family information in today’s world is critical

We're all familiar with the risks associated with physical documents like birth certificates and driver's licenses. Similarly, our personal digital files, from mortgage documents to tax returns, pay slips and family photos, are all susceptible to loss, theft, or damage.

Storing them in the cloud offers unparalleled convenience, allowing access from anywhere and easy sharing. However, the sensitive nature of these files demands careful consideration of where they're stored. Opting for a secure personal document storage provider is crucial to prevent potential data breaches, safeguarding against identity theft, blackmail, financial fraud, and other serious risks.

Personal document storage in the cloud

The challenge of safeguarding personal data in the cloud stems from the potential for cloud providers to access stored files and exposing them to various external threats, including hackers profiting from exploiting & monetizing your information. When contemplating storing your personal assets in the cloud, it's essential to bear in mind:

How your cloud solution provider protects and secures your files, to prevent third parties including themselves from accessing, reading, and reusing your data.

How easy it is for you to access and manage your documents from multiple devices – as you may need them when you’re at work, or while you’re traveling, not just at home on your local computer.

How easy it is for you to share documents with specific people (your family, your friends, the authorities, your bank or your financial advisor), while keeping them out of the reach of hackers and bad actors.

Introducing Tresorit’s personal vault

Tresorit’s secure personal cloud storage comes with end-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge, and access permissions built-in, ensuring your private information can’t be accessed or read by anyone – unless you grant them explicit permission.

Perfect for students, families, travellers, and more – End-to-end encryption means your identity, insurance, or real estate documents, as well as private photos and videos, are unreadable to outsiders, and can never be tampered with.

Swiss-grade privacy and security – No one, not Tresorit, not hackers, and no third-party including internet service providers or public authorities, can access, read, and download your documents, images or videos unless you give them explicit permission to do so with Tresorit’s sophisticated access sharing controls.

Access and manage your documents from any device, anywhere, at any time – Tresorit lets you access and manage your documents, online or offline, from any web or mobile platform, and from any device, so you’ll always have them when you need them most.

I have always valued privacy and there are many options when it comes to cloud storage. However, since its inception Tresorit has consistently maintained the lead for those who care about end-to-end encryption and privacy.
Mike SmithLongtime personal Tresorit customer
TÜV Rheinland
Digital Trust
CCPA Ready
GDPR Compliant Technology
HIPAA Compliant
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Secure your personal files, photos, and videos with Tresorit’s personal encrypted vault.

What you get with Tresorit’s secure personal cloud storage

1 TB of storage

With Tresorit, you can store as many documents, photos, and videos as you need, with a generous storage capacity. Plus, you can upload files up to 10GB in size without compressing them.

Multi-device and platform access

From your laptop to your tablet, your smartphone, and beyond, you can access your documents and files from any of your devices via the web, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Sync local files in an instant

Tresorit Drive streamlines file syncing from your local drive to the cloud without manually uploading or copying. You can synchronize any folder directly from your local hard drive. Just one click to sync, and you're good to go!

Secured sharing made easy

Tresorit lets you easily create secure links with your family, friends, authorities or commercial organizations you are working with so you can share important documents, pictures or videos – but only those with the right access permissions can open them.

Integrated with your email

Thanks to our Outlook and Gmail plugins you can also attach documents you properly secured in your Tresorit personal vault as encrypted attachments. Ensuring that your files stay encrypted even when in transit.

Protection against data loss

Tresorit’s personal cloud vault is both ISO 27001 and Swiss Digital Trust certified, meaning your files are protected from data loss, theft, and alteration – and ensure that you can still access your files in the event of a disaster.