Keep sensitive healthcare data and health information safe

HIPAA compliant, encrypted cloud storage and file sharing for managing medical records

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Trusted by hundreds of hospitals and healthcare professionals

  • Southern Cross
  • One Tent Health
  • Wings of Hope
  • Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel
  • Community Psychotherapy Network
  • German Red Cross
Protect health information and medical records

Protect health information and medical records

In 2018, the data of 205,000 patients of Texas-based dermatologist Beverly Held, MD and Pennsylvania-based Premier Urgent Care were exposed, after their practice management software vendor left its FTP server open to the public without the need for a login. The FTP server was configured to allow anonymous logins and it did not require any login credentials. Due to its sensitive nature, medical data is worth ten times more to hackers than credit card details, resulting in the growing number of similar healthcare data breaches globally. To avoid data breaches and comply with regulations, medical institutions and research teams need to ensure the secure storing and sharing of protected health information (PHI) and medical records.

Tresorit is a HIPAA compliant, secure file storage and sharing solution that enables healthcare professionals to access files anywhere and collaborate internally and externally while keeping protected health information safe and sensitive patient records secure. Using Tresorit helps you and your patients stay safe - insecure email attachments and other file transfer methods can be easily replaced with Tresorit links and their added control options.

Healthcare organizations around the world trust Tresorit with sensitive patient data

Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel
Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel

Swiss medical research institution with a global reach is now safely storing and sharing patient data thanks to Tresorit

Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel

Compared to other services like Dropbox, Tresorit’s solution is much safer, compared to manual encryption, it’s less hassle, and compared to other online services, Tresorit offers a much better overall package.

Dr. Tobias Zimmermann, Research fellow, Cardiovascular Research Institute Basel.
Community Psychotherapy Network
Community Psychotherapy Network

Using Tresorit, CPN stores and shares sensitive Protected Health Information (PHI) securely

Community Psychotherapy Network

For us, Tresorit ticked all the boxes. It has enough storage space, an adequate level of security and privacy, it is available on tablets and phones, and it's also user-friendly.

Janos Verebes-Weisz, Founder of Community Psychotherapy Network, a London based health care provider offering services for individuals, groups and families.
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
German Red Cross

The German Red Cross is using Tresorit to share editable documents with their teams internally

German Red Cross

Tresorit is a big relief in sharing editable documents between our numerous facilities and outposts.

Gunnar Jasinski, Data Protection Coordinator at German Red Cross, with over 3.5 million members, being the third largest Red Cross society in the world.

Beyond guarding against password hacks, Tresorit offers a path toward HIPAA compliance by offering end-to-end encryption of patient data.

Choose the safest cloud provider for your practice

Tresorit is a HIPAA compliant, G-Cloud 9 approved file sharing service that helps healthcare professionals and researchers securely manage files and collaborate within departments and with external vendors.

End-to-end encryption

Comply with HIPAA and nullify breach notification requirements

Tresorit solves the problem of data protection in the cloud, by encrypting all files right on your device by applying the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm using 256-bit keys. Your files never get decrypted on Tresorit's servers, meaning that no one, not even Tresorit, can look into the content of your files. Even if a breach were to happen, your organization is exempt from the costly HIPAA breach notification rule, as breached data is made indecipherable using encryption.

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Mackenzie Copley

"Reliability is key for us. I haven’t come across any accessibility issues with this service, during implementation or later, plus it even saves my computer space... And the fact that it helps us stay HIPAA-compliant is amazing."

Mackenzie Copley, Co-Founder and CEO of One Tent Health, an organization offering HIV screening to hundreds of people in high-risk areas of Washington
Secure work from anywhere

Enable HIPAA-compliant mobility, while maintaining security

Access medical records and files from any browser, and even from mobile devices. When you upload your files to the Tresorit cloud, nothing leaves your devices unencrypted. End-to-end encryption keeps your file content private when sending or downloading files on the go. Add additional authentication steps, unlink the device from your account and wipe the files in case a device containing sensitive files gets lost or stolen. Tresorit provides on-premise equivalent security in the cloud, but up to 80% cheaper.

See how you can replace file servers

Mark Cutler

"The solution we have put together with Tresorit — and a secure online fax service — has significantly improved our handling of sensitive medical information. We can be comfortable that the information is stored securely and is also safe during its transit to Tresorit."

Mark Cutler, IT Support Volunteer at Wings of Hope, an organization providing free medical air transport services to individuals who need access to specialized medical care.
Share patient data securely

Share patient data securely

Unsecure email attachments and other file transfer methods are easily replaced with end-to-end encrypted Tresorit links, to both send and receive files safely with added control options. Stop sending scans, lab results and other files as email attachments - send secure file and folder Share Links instead. Use File Requests to receive sensitive patient information like medical records and documents in an end-to-end encrypted environment. Stay in control with download limits, expiration dates and password protection for extra security.

More about secure file sharing

Janos Verebes-Weisz

"I record notes after therapy sessions, then use Tresorit to file these notes or share with my colleagues. Tresorit ticked all the boxes. It has enough storage space, an adequate level of security and privacy, is available on tablets and phones, and is also user-friendly."

Janos Verebes-Weisz, Founder of Community Psychotherapy Network, a London based social enterprise offering psychotherapy services for groups, individuals, couples, and families.

HIPAA-compliant file storage & sharing for healthcare professionals

Keep your files and archive well organized in the cloud with Tresorit and share files securely with your colleagues and patients, while reducing IT costs and issues.

Replace risky email attachments

Replace risky email attachments

Use password-protected links to send files directly from your Outlook app, and file requests to receive them securely. Revoke access with a click.

Track activity on shared files

Track activity on shared files new

Track useful information such as the date or IP address used to download the content you shared with links.

Data Residency Options

Data Residency Options new

Select the data centers where you want to keep data and satisfy company policy or industry and jurisdiction-specific regulations.

Upload your existing folder structure

Upload your existing folder structure

Keep your files organized the way you like. Simply back up and sync any of your local folders.

Restore data lost due to ransomware

Restore data lost due to ransomware

Easily recover your files that are accidentally deleted or lost due to a malware attack.

Save space on your hard drive

Save space on your hard drive

Integrate Tresorit Drive to your local file manager to upload and access files without storing them locally.

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