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Data Residency Options

Satisfy data-residency and compliance requirements.

We offer multiple data center locations

Organizations collect and produce vast amounts of data and face increasingly complex regulatory requirements which calls for fast and efficient data management processes. Over the years, government-issued regulations have put a heavy emphasis on data management on a regional scale, proposing new challenges for companies.

Tresorit offers multiple data center locations. Organizations with offices around the globe can keep their data in multiple countries, while ensuring frictionless collaboration between teams, externally, and across boarders. This makes it significantly easier for companies to comply with sector-specific regulations mandating data storage within the boarders of a specific country. Users can be assigned to data centers, guaranteeing that they will only be able to keep their data where they are supposed to, without needing to worry or think about it.

When to use?

Some regulations may require client data to be stored within the region’s borderGDPR: General DataProtection Regulation, relevant to all EU states CCPA: CaliforniaCustomer Privacy Act, relevant to the State of California

Companies with offices in multiple countries or customers in multiple countries
Tresorit admins can assign users to data centers so that they’ll only be able to keep data in the selected location. Collaboration will remain frictionless between teams, even if you select different data centers for them.

How it works?

  • Select the policy template for which you’d like to change the data center.
  • Select the data center where you want them to keep data.
  • Save changes.

Available regions




USA - East

USA - West


United Kingdom




UAE - Dubai


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Frequently asked questions

    • In short: yes. If you have been given access to a certain folder or file, you can access and edit the file, even if it’s being kept in a different data center than yours.
    • Each user can be assigned to only one data center. This means that if you are assigned toCanada, each folder and the files you create in it will be stored in Canada. But if you’re an editor or manager in a folder from another region, the files you create in it will be also stored in the folder’s region.
    • All Tresorit data centers are GDPR compliant by default.
    • Data Residency Options are available for Business and Enterprise customers. Customers without Data Residency Options are automatically assigned to Ireland.