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under CTRL Your digital privacy podcast

Under CTRL is Tresorit’s own produced podcast, bringing you biweekly insights on digital privacy, data security and secure cloud collaboration.

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  • What is this about?

    We believe that people and businesses have a fundamental right to privacy and security. Our vision is to help our listeners take back the control over their data.

  • How will we do it?

    We invite experts from different industries to discuss trending topics in the space of digital privacy and to spread the word about data security best practices.

  • When and where can you hear from us?

    New episodes will arrive biweekly starting from end of July and will be available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Who will lead the podcast?

Learn what our customers have to say about all aspects of their sector challenges and the innovative ways they look to take them on. You will gain insights, transferable ideas and inspiration from people who are experts in their field.

Paul Bartlett - In-house technical consultant

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    A Child's Guardian In Cyberspace

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