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Protect your email communication easily with end-to-end encryption and stay in control after you hit the send button.
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Enterprise email

  • Email security services that offer secure email are the single most effective way to guarantee your company’s content remains private – allowing your teams to stay compliant and in control even after they hit ‘Send’.
  • Secure emails for conscientious professionals working in highly-regulated or sensitive industries. Engineered in Switzerland.

Why use an encrypted email service?

Around 22% of data breaches are a result of human errors (where sensitive data is accidentally sent to the wrong person[1]). An email encryption service can help to prevent these small mistakes from causing big problems for your business.

[1] Verizon Data Breach Report, 2021

Secure email made simple with Tresorit

  • Share confidential information and attachments safely and securely with a single click
  • Security made simple: no key exchange, no additional software and no convoluted workflows
  • Smooth recipient experience ensures minimal pushback from internal and external stakeholders
  • Secure your emails in the familiar environment of Microsoft Outlook, using your existing email address

Protect email exchanges and prevent data leaks

  • Engineered in Europe to the highest encryption standards
  • Email protection using Tresorit’s advanced security and control features
  • Replies encrypted by default even if the sender doesn't have a Tresorit account

Meet your industry’s compliance regulations

Tresorit’s encrypted email service helps you keep compliant with your industry’s regulatory bodies