GDPR Webinar - “Why and how to sign a Data Processing Agreement with Tresorit”

If data processing is carried out by a third party (a cloud provider for example) on your behalf, you must demonstrate that you use suppliers (processors) providing sufficient guarantees so that you will meet the requirements of the GDPR that will come into force on May 25. To do so, you must enter into a written contract, a data processing agreement (DPA), with your processors which regulates the scope and purpose of the data processing carried out on your behalf. The hosts of this webinar, cryptography expert Istvan Lam, Co-founder and CEO of Tresorit and Petra Kovacsics, Legal & Data Protection Counsel of Tresorit, demonstrate the importance of a DPA with real life examples, and walk you through the process of signing a DPA with Tresorit.

In this webinar, our experts will help you understand:

  • What a Data Processing Agreement is
  • What to watch out for when signing a Data Processing Agreement
  • The particularities of Tresorit's Data Processing Agreement
  • Why and how to execute a Data Processing Agreement with Tresorit

“One of the most important questions of a data processing agreement is whether your data processor is providing sufficient security and technical measures to ensure that your data is duly protected.”

– Petra Kovacsics, Legal & Data Protection Counsel of Tresorit

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