Secure documents today

  • For individuals
  • For teams


Secure collaboration for professionals

20€ 20€ / month, billed annually

25€ billed monthly

All the benefits of Tresorit Premium, plus
  • Go back to any previous file version

    Track document changes and restore any previous versions.
  • Review every collaborator’s activities

    Follow the whole team’s activities such as editing, creating and more.
  • Control your collaborators’ access

    Invite collaborators with different access levels/rights: owner, manager, editor or viewer. Control your collaborators’ access
  • Maximize file sharing security

    Add email verification to your shared links, see who opened the files. Maximize file sharing security
  • Comply with the GDPR

    Receive a legally binding document stating that data is kept in a GDPR compliant manner.


Secure file sync and share for personal use

8.33€ 8.33€ / month, billed annually

10€ billed monthly

All the benefits of Tresorit Send, plus
  • Take your files wherever you go

    Access files and documents securely anywhere from your desktop or mobile device. Take your files wherever you go
  • Secure your devices

    Turn on two-step verification for logins like fingerprint, passcode or more. Secure your devices
  • Review your previous activities

    Trace your own activities back 90 days to see creations, edits and more.
  • Recover previous document versions

    Track document changes and restore previous versions for up to 90 days.
  • Sync and access files offline

    Sync all or only selected folders to devices and access them even when offline.


Send large files securely



  • Secure file sharing with encrypted links

    Share large files with links and add passwords for further security.
  • Protect your privacy

    Encrypt every file and metadata on devices, upload nothing without protection.
  • Track your shared link

    Get notified when somebody opens your links. Track your shared link


Secure file sync & sharing for businesses with 10+ people

20€ 10€ / user / month, billed annually

12.50€ billed monthly

Starting at 10 users. All the benefits of the Small business, plus:
  • Verify who downloads shared files

    See who opened shared documents by requiring email verification for file download.
  • Secure lost and stolen devices

    Remotely delete synced files and the app from any device in case of loss or theft. Secure lost and stolen devices
  • Present documents in style

    Match the look and feel of your brand on web access and on the file download pages. Present documents in style
  • Get help faster

    Benefit from our assistance services, priority and live chat support. Get help faster
  • Oversee your organization’s collaboration

    Export operational data for further analysis or connect with your SIEM solution.
  • Control your organization’s file sharing

    Set up sharing policies, like making password protection mandatory.

Small Business

Secure file sync & sharing for teams with 2-9 people

16€ 16€ / user / month, billed annually

20€ billed monthly

Starting at 2 users.
  • Protect files with end-to-end encryption

    Encrypt every file and metadata on devices, upload nothing without protection.
  • Protect your organization’s privacy

    Keep everything between you and your partners. Tresorit can’t access files and keys.
  • Take 1,000 GB storage anywhere

    Access documents securely anywhere from iPhone, iPad or Android devices.
  • Keep data safe from ransomware

    Restore files with ease in case of ransomware attack or when accidentally deleting. Keep data safe from ransomware
  • Secure file sharing with encrypted links

    Share files up to 5GB and add password, expiry date, open limit as you see fit. Secure file sharing with encrypted links
  • Manage user groups with security policies

    Customize policies by setting up security measures and rights for each team. Manage user groups with security policies


Secure cloud solution for big organizations with 100+ people

24€ / user / month, billed annually

30€ billed monthly

Starting at 100 users. All the benefits of the Business, plus:
  • Customize Tresorit package

    Personalize storage size, select server location and more.
  • Data residency options

    Select the data center where you want to store data.
  • Get the most out of Tresorit

    Receive personalized staff training to bring everyone up to speed.
  • Influence the development of Tresorit

    Shape Tresorit’s feature set by getting involved in the product development.
  • Receive immediate help

    Get answers for questions via phone from a dedicated account manager.
  • Get more done with API

    Manage your Tresorit users through an Admin API.

Find the plan which suits your needs

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Enterprise Contact us
  • Security & Privacy

    • End to end encryption
    • Zero-knowledge system
    • Redundant storage
    • 24/7 monitoring and physical security
    • Remote wipe devices
    • Local wipe devices
    • Continuous patching
  • Document Access and Management

    • Multiple device access
    • Storage space/user
    • Maximum file size for storage
    • Tresorit Drive
    • File version history
    • Sync
    • Selective sync
    • Multi-platform support
    • Command Line Interface for Linux
    • Restore deleted files
    • Browser access
  • Mobile access

    • Native mobile apps
    • Auto camera upload
    • Direct file open
    • Offline access
    • Document Scanner
    • Remote wipe mobile device
  • File Sharing & Collaboration

    • Shared link
      Up to 5 GB
      Up to 2 GB
      Up to 5 GB
      Up to 5 GB
      Up to 5 GB
      Up to 5 GB
    • Revoke link
    • Tresor permission
    • Recents
    • Links tab
    • Outlook integration
    • Access logs
    • Custom branding
  • Admin Control

    • Digital Rights Management
    • User management
    • Device policies
    • IP filtering
    • Share only within subscription
    • Storage and sharing policies
    • User policies
    • Reporting
    • Force 2-step verification
    • Admin Center Dashboard
    • CSV reporting
    • Link settings policy
    • Password recovery by admins
    • Active Directory integration
  • Compliance

    • ISO 27001 Certified
    • GDPR Compliance
    • HIPAA Compliance
    • Data Residency Options
      Info icon
  • Integrations

    • Outlook
    • Active Directory
    • Admin center API
    • Splunk (coming soon)
  • Services

    • Email support
    • Live chat support
    • Priority email support
    • Scheduled phone support
    • Phone support
    • Onboarding and personalized staff training
    • Custom deployment
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