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Keep your data in Europe

Tresorit is a European company, offering the safest file storage & sharing solution for businesses & individuals. Our 'zero knowledge' service means not even Tresorit employees can ever access your files.
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Secure access – anywhere

You can access data with zero-knowledge security not just from Windows, Mac and Linux. Files can be accessed, edited and shared securely from browsers and Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices as well.

Be more productive, without sacrificing security

Sharing takes just a click and your collaborator's email address. With access permissions, password protection and expiry dates, you're in control, even after sharing.

Monitor your team and ensure data security

Use the admin portal to see crucial stats like your employees logged in outside of Europe. Regulate access to Tresorit based on device used, location and more.

Why did our customers switch from
US cloud services?

Swiss Privacy
EU data centers
No Tresorit employee has access
Proven AES256 end-to-end encryption
2-Step Verification & remote device wipe
Admin controls & data access policies
Transitioning to Tresorit after one of the partners' Dropbox accounts was compromised couldn't have been simpler for us. Their customer service is some of the best I've ever experienced.
Robert Frodsham
Robert FrodshamLittle Venice Partners
Little venice

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