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Double up on productivity with Microsoft and Tresorit

Let your teams collaborate in private, sign electronic documents, and share files quickly and easily across MS Outlook, Teams, Azure, and Sentinel – all while safeguarding sensitive information with Tresorit’s patented end-to-end encryption.
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Enhance privacy and control as you work across MS apps and MS Office

Your teams already know how to work efficiently in Microsoft’s tools. Now you can help them stay productive, while making sure only authorized persons have access to sensitive data, with Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption for Outlook, Teams, and beyond.
Privacy and control

Ensure no one can access sensitive company data

With our client-side, zero-knowledge patented end-to-end encryption software for Outlook, Teams, and beyond, no unauthorized person or entity will ever be able to gain access to your data. Ever!
  • Reduce filesharing and storing risks by storing and backing up sensitive data with Tresorit’s additional layer of security and confidentiality.
  • Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption ensures you stay compliant with necessary laws and regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.
Easy File Sharing

Share enormous files safely with zero effort

Send and receive files of all weights and sizes without compromising productivity, privacy, or security.
  • Share large files with clients, partners, and team members – without leaving Microsoft Teams or Outlook.
  • No more frustrations with blocks, warnings, or pop-ups holding you back as you attach large files.
Email security and encryption

Send encrypted emails and attachments smoothly

Encrypt the entire email in a single click, and easily maintain control over the content you send. While authorized recipients can access it smoothly – even without a Tresorit account.
  • Enhance security by sending files with end-to-end encryption, controlling file access with expiration dates and password protection, and even adding watermarks using Tresorit attachments for Outlook.
  • Ensure the safety of confidential or sensitive information, even after you hit send, with Tresorit’s email encryption software for Outlook.
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Simple user management

Easily manage users while maintaining security

Tresorit’s Single Sign-On (SSO) integration plugs neatly into Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) to simplify user management. So that work continues to flow smoothly while you enhance and uphold privacy and security.
  • Set Tresorit up quickly and easily in Microsoft using seamless plug and play integrations.
  • Help users adopt the new encryption software while letting them work without interruptions.
Admin control panel

Level up compliance with Microsoft Sentinel

Tresorit’s end-to-end encryption software for Microsoft integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Sentinel. Allowing IT teams to collect, analyze, and monitor events to detect threats and enhance compliance and security.
  • Gain valuable insights into user activities, domain user management, and admin actions by sending Tresorit data to Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Ensure exceptional levels of security, privacy, and compliance while file sharing and collaborating in Microsoft apps – while fortifying your organization's security posture at the same time.

Stay productive while enhancing your security

Discover how you can maintain your teams’ productivity in Microsoft 365 Cloud Suite, while leveling up your organization’s security and privacy, with Tresorit’s zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption.

Frequently asked questions

    • At Tresorit, we’ve productized our integrations to be completely plug and play – allowing them to merge smoothly and seamlessly with Microsoft’s productivity tools to deliver end-to-end encryption for Outlook, Teams, Sentinel, and Entra ID (Formerly Azure AD).

      The end result is you can maintain your teams’ productivity and natural flow of work across Microsoft 365 apps, while enhancing safety and privacy when storing, syncing, sharing files, and signing documents that contain sensitive information and data.
    • End-to-end encryption ensures only the intended, approved recipient can access the content of the email or file that is sent to them. This means that no one, not the service provider, and certainly not any other third party, can decipher the data and access the content. Ensuring the highest possible level of online security and privacy.
    • Zero-knowledge encryption is a broader concept, similar to the security framework zero-trust. This concept focuses on protecting data at rest, not just when it’s in transit. So that no matter where data or files are stored – in a service or cloud environment – they remain confidential and are unable to be accessed by anyone. Including the host or service provider.

Don’t use Microsoft?
You don’t have to.

Even if you don’t have Microsoft 365 or MS apps, you can still use Tresorit’s zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption with our secure cloud collaboration software.

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We use Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, but avoid adding customer data to those systems as the privacy is not guaranteed in the same way as Tresorit does it.
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We have customers who have expressed concerns about Microsoft but now they can value the best of both worlds with Tresorit for Microsoft.

Stay productive while lifting security in Microsoft

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