Free Live Webinar:
Introducing Tresorit eSign

  • September 27th, 2022
  • 1pm CET 
  • Online: zoom
  • September 29th, 2022
  • 6pm CET
  • Online: zoom
Join us as we launch Tresorit eSign: the e-signature solution for privacy-conscious professionals.

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In just 30 mins, you’ll discover how Tresorit eSign:

  • Modernizes, simplifies, and enhances the singing experience - without compromising the security of the data
  • Works as part of a secure ecosystem to help you manage your entire document lifecycle
  • Reduces overheads by accelerating the execution of documents

Meet our speakers

Böbe Hartung-Marjai

Product Manager, Secure Workspace and File Sharing

After leading Tresorit’s Customer Marketing efforts for several years, Böbe is now working as Product Manager to improve the ways our customers can collaborate in Tresorit both internally and externally.

Tamás Molnár

Senior Customer Success Manager

Tamás is responsible for customers’ needs and goals across Northern Europe, the UK, and the Baltics. He closely supports a broad range of customers to help them secure their business-critical sensitive data and collaborate efficiently.
Digitally signing a document in EU is either easy or binding - but not both. Our vision is to fully digitalise the way we manage documents.

István LámCo-Founder and CEO of Tresorit