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Secure file sharing with anyone

Most file-sharing solutions often lack end-to-end encryption – making them vulnerable to cyber attackers. But Tresorit completely encrypts all your files, always. For total privacy and compliance no matter who your teams share files with or where.
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FileSharing Business

Take control of your file sharing, file requests, emails, and attachments


/ user / month, billed annually

  • Starts from 3 users
  • Security control (expiration, password, disable download, email notifications)
  • Encrypt emails and replies
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Every unencrypted file that is shared is a vulnerability

In traditional file sharing processes, files aren’t encrypted earlier on the client but only on the server as it is more convenient to view, manage, and index unencrypted files.

And even if the files are encrypted, the files and their keys are stored in the same environment. If the environment gets compromised, it won’t be long before keys are discovered and your sensitive data gets violated. Leading to irrevocable data detriments, financial loss, and even defamation.

Staying compliant while sharing sensitive documents shouldn’t be so hard.

Encrypt and control access to all files no matter where or how they’re shared

With a 5-step E2E encryption and zero-knowledge ciphering system, Tresorit’s FileSharing system transfers your files in unbreachable, fully encrypted data vaults.

So you can grow your business confidently while staying compliant – effortlessly.

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    Businesses around the world trust Tresorit

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Secure your company’s file sharing processes now

No need for cloud storage. Tresorit lets you share files securely and confidently with end-to-end encrypted email and secure file transfer.

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Easy end-to-end encrypted file sharing

  • Secure how teams and users share sensitive files even in cloud environments through zero-knowledge link sharing.
  • Apply granular safety controls such as Allow list, Open limit, Disable download, Watermarking, and Automatic expiry deletion to potential data breaches.
  • Share large, encrypted files simply and quickly with internal colleagues and external partners under the guidance of admin controls and email policies.
  • Stay in line with business compliance by generating auditable Access logs, SIEM integration and activity reports in just a few clicks.

See How Different Industries Use Tresorit To Share Digital Evidence

Safeguard video & digital evidence from unauthorized access

Share video evidence of robberies, shoplifting, or property damage with law enforcement, legal authorities, and insurance companies for expedited action.
  • Maintain control and avoid misuse: Add watermarks, disable downloads, and decide who has access and for how long, to protect the integrity of your digital evidence.
  • Tamper-Proof Evidence: End-to-end encryption ensures that digital evidence maintains its authenticity, while protecting files from manipulation or being ruled inadmissible.
  • Minimize Holdups: Share digital evidence efficiently in a secure cloud to avoid costly delays.

Enhance efficiency and accuracy when adjudicating claims

Accelerate evidence collection from policyholders while preventing fraud.
  • Process claims accurately and quickly: Give field investigators & policyholders a secure way to share digital evidence. Determine cause and liability in various situations, such as car accidents.
  • Ensure integrity and confidentiality: Prohibit unauthorized access with encryption and disable downloads when sharing files with claims adjusters, law enforcement, and legal teams.
  • Prevent Fraud: Create tamper-proof files by adding watermarks to detect and expose deceptive insurance claims.

Collect and Share Digital Evidence

We are leaving the days behind when lawyers are receiving and sharing evidence physically. Today’s modern age requires new, secure digital solutions.
  • Ironclad Security: Easily collect a wide range of digital evidence, such as documents and video footage securely in an end-to-end encrypted cloud environment.
  • Share with complete control: Send evidence to experts to build a strong defense. Protect your files with watermarks, disable downloads, and decide who can receive access and for how long.
  • Data integrity and confidentiality: Maintain the admissibility of your digital evidence throughout the legal process. Protect sensitive personal information, trade secrets, and proprietary data - nobody has access, not even Tresorit.

Eliminate the risk of data loss with Tresorit FileSharing

Add multiple layers of security to confidential files to stay compliant and protect your company’s precious data. No matter where, when, or how your company shares files.

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FileSharing Business

Take control of your file sharing, file requests, emails, and attachments


/ user / month, billed annually

  • Starts from 3 users

Key features

  • Security control (expiration, password, disable download, email notifications)
  • Encrypt emails and replies
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FileSharing Enterprise

Scale your business and receive volume discount pricing


Tailored for your requirements

  • Starts from 50 users

Everything Filesharing Business, plus

  • Multiple data residency options
  • Custom GDPR DPA
  • Integrations included (such as AzureAD, Okta, Sentinel)

Master secure file sharing with our comprehensive ebook:

  • Discover how to safeguard your sensitive data, implement robust encryption techniques, and fortify your defenses against cyber threats.
  • Gain valuable insights to ensure the privacy and integrity of your shared files.
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Frequently asked questions

    • End-to-end-encrypted file transfer is the most secure way to exchange files and documents.
      Using client-side end-to-end encryption coupled with zero-knowledge authentication, Tresorit encrypts every file and relevant metadata on your devices with unique, randomly generated encryption keys. These keys are never sent to our servers unencrypted. This means only data owners and any intended recipients can access the data stored in Tresorit, allowing you to share files with trusted recipients in full confidence.
      Learn more about Tresorit’s security
    • We’ve designed Tresorit with a simple fact in mind: People don’t use complex security features that get in the way of getting things done. That’s why Tresorit provides you with different options to share your data in a convenient and secure manner.
      Sharing via secure links, collaborating in folders or sending encrypted attachments right from your email client – thanks to the various ways of sharing, Tresorit is always at your fingertips to help you protect valuable data.
      Learn more about our sharing options
    • Different file sharing methods and security features ensure you retain maximum control over your data.
      You have the option to define recipients by requiring email verification, adding passwords, or restricting access to allowed users specified at the email address or domain level. Access logs can be used to monitor who has opened the shared file, when, and on what kind of device. Additional features such as adding watermarks and disabling downloads ensure greater file security.
      Learn more about Tresorit’s control features for shared files
    • Tresorit enables secure two-way file sharing between organizations and external parties using secure links and file requests.
      You can easily exchange files stored in Tresorit with collaborators who don’t have a Tresorit account. Send secure links via your Tresorit app, or our Outlook and Gmail add-ins. However, external collaboration often requires two-way communication and a secure way of collecting sensitive files from your external parties, such as contracts, tax documents, financial or personal data. In these cases, you can create end-to-end-encrypted file requests that allow external parties to upload files directly to your fully protected Tresorit workspace.
      Learn more about file request
    • The Tresorit Admin Center is a purpose-built tool to help admins stay on top of company file activities regardless of your organization’s size.
      Deployment to the workflows of large teams is supported by our integrations and features for workspace admins. SSO support, team-level and role-based security policies, and reports on user and file activities ensure your admins have all the data they need to ensure your files are being kept safe.
      Learn more about sharing policies and other admin controls
    • Security and privacy are key principles of how we operate. Our zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption (e2ee) provides the highest level of security and privacy for sensitive company data. We comply with the strictest security standards and protect all data in line with Swiss privacy laws.
      All data stored in Tresorit is only accessible to you and your intended recipients. Tresorit’s client-side encryption means that we cannot decrypt your files to hand them over to law enforcement because we don’t hold the encryption keys, or your passwords.
      Tresorit handles data according to Swiss privacy laws that guarantee one of the highest standards of data protection worldwide. By offering data residency options in various countries, we allow companies to decide where they want to store their data. Tresorit is ISO-certified and provides compliance with various local and industry regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, FINRA, and TISAX.
      Learn more about Tresorit’s security