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Collaborate securely with your customers in a dedicated client portal

With Tresorit, you can create a secure client data room for each and every client your organization works with – ensuring your client’s data and information stay safe and private at all times.

Efficient and secure document collaboration is indispensable for fostering meaningful customer engagements

Professional services and consulting agencies, spanning cybersecurity, strategic consultancy, law firms, financial advisors, healthcare practitioners, and governmental agencies, frequently engage in the exchange of sensitive information with their clients to facilitate their services. Consequently, many organizations are increasingly adopting secure document sharing portals. These secure portals uphold the utmost standards of security and privacy, ensuring seamless collaboration while safeguarding sensitive data.

How can a secure document portal help?

Providing a secure portal for sharing documents and requesting files guarantees the confidentiality of your clients' information, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR or industry-specific standards like FINRA throughout your collaboration.

Despite the availability of various client file sharing solutions, it is challenging to find one that:

Ensures the highest levels of security and privacy.

Is easy and intuitive for you, your employees, and your clients to use.

Makes collaborating and document signature easy no matter where you or your clients are working from.

Introducing Tresorit’s secure client portal solution

Tresorit's secure client portal operates on zero-knowledge principles, employing end-to-end encryption for all stored data and files. This ensures that your clients' information remains inaccessible to unauthorized users, even in the event of a breach.

Protect the integrity and confidentiality of your clients’ data and your company reputation – With end-to-end encryption, no hacker, no unauthorized recipient, and not even Tresorit can read, modify, or decrypt the documents you store in your client portal.

Share or request any file securely – Tresorit offers not only file sharing capabilities but also file request functionality. Depending on the desired level of collaboration, you can assign varying degrees of access to different users within your client base, allowing you to maintain precise control over who can view or modify specific files.

Digitally sign and collaborate on documents from anywhere – Whether you, your employees, or your clients are working remotely or in-office, Tresorit's client portal enables quick collaboration and digital agreement signing, all within your trusted environment, regardless of your current location.

One of the main arguments for us to use Tresorit and to recommend it to our customers is that it’s a European company working to standards that are even higher than GDPR.

Henk-Jan Angerman

Secwatch founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Protecting sensitive digital files for a cybersecurity firm

Since 2005, Secwatch has been helping organizations all over the world stay secure with their cybersecurity and cyber risk management services. But they struggled to find a way to collaborate and share files with clients easily, without sacrificing security and privacy.
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HIPAA Compliant
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Collaborate securely with your clients with Tresorit’s secure client data room.

What you get with Tresorit’s secure client portal

Protect your data and company reputation

ISO27001, GDPR, HIPAA, TISAX, and beyond – with Tresorit, you can easily stay inline with the world’s strictest security and privacy guidelines to protect you and your client's reputation as you work together.

Data Residency

Your clients do not want their data to be hosted in just any country? Not a problem, Tresorit can support multiple Data Residency Locations (DRO) on a per client portal & per user basis. Choose what is most adequate for you and your client.


Tresorit lets you customize your secure client portals under your own company brand and domain, so you can ensure consistency of brand values and perception across your clients’ experience working with you.

Digitally sign your customers agreements in a protected environment

Whether it's contracts, NDAs, privacy consents, general terms and conditions, or the outcomes of your work, you likely need to digitally sign agreements with your clients. With our built-in digital signature capability, you can streamline your administrative processes and eliminate the risk of data leakage by avoiding the need to upload documents to separate signing platforms.

Dynamic watermark and encrypted emails

Utilize our email & attachment encryption capabilities to link encrypted files stored in our secure client portal, eliminating the need to share sensitive information via insecure email channels. Additionally, leverage our dynamic watermarking to safeguard against potential alterations or unauthorized modifications to your data, ensuring enhanced security and integrity.

Sophisticated permissions

Within your Tresorit client portal, you have the flexibility to grant access to entire folders or sub-folders, guaranteeing access only to the necessary content. Tresorit offers a range of granular settings, including password-locked files, maximum file open limits, automated link expiration, and activity logs. These capabilities help you maintain control over file access and sharing, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.