Nonprofits save lives. End-to-end encryption has their back.

Tresorit supports organizations that work towards creating social good with a highly discounted Tresorit subscription.

Discover the ideas and causes nonprofits protect with Tresorit.

Find out why they need digital privacy and security, guaranteed by end-to-end encryption.

Working for peace and justice since 1915

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

“Because we work together with activists in conflict zones, we need online services like Tresorit that guarantee security. Our peace activists face threats and can be in danger if their names or their data gets to the wrong hands”

Line Favre, Office Manager Read full story »

Protecting children from human trafficking

Stella's Voice

“Encryption is an assurance to our donors that we handle information carefully. Security is paramount for us, as we share HR, financial and personal information of both our team members and the people we are helping across our sites in the UK and Moldova.”

Mark Morgan, Europe Director

Creating worlds through theatre

International Schools Theatre Association

"We run theatre events and trainings for young people and educators. We have staff all across the globe, so Tresorit enables us to do our business with sensitivity, ease and mitigates the risk involved with sending data long distances."

Tom Scott, Event Coordinator

Helping survivors of human rights violations

The Jiyan Foundation

“To guarantee the safety of the victims, it's crucial that all employees are able to access documents and communicate with each other securely, without the smallest chance of a data breach.”

Leif Hinrichsen, Project Associate Read full story »

Helping NGOs to preserve wildlife

Maisha Consulting

“Our partners deal with highly sensitive information during gathering intelligence on criminals, so information security is crucial. As a cryptography advocate, I believe that over 99% of encryption is used for good and useful things that make our life more secure and actually enable our modern way of life.”

Shlomi Marco, CTO

Preventing child sexual exploitation

Nest Foundation

“Nest empowers the youth, teachers, caregivers and communities. We handle private and sensitive information everyday and must be able to confidently assure the schools and individuals we work with that anything they share with us will remain confidential.”

Annie De Brock, Program Coordinator

How does end-to-end encryption guarantee data security?

Nothing leaves your device unencrypted

End-to-end encryption on client side is the most secure way to store data: all your files are encrypted on your device before uploaded to the cloud and they are never decrypted on the service provider's servers.

Only you have the encryption keys

Services taking end-to-end encryption serious do not keep copies of encryption keys and passwords. No one can access your files besides you and those who you share with. No governments, no hackers, no service providers.

Protect your cause and share files securely & easily

Tresorit provides nonprofit teams with a secure, easy-to-use file sync & sharing tool they need to work safe. All qualifying organizations receive significant discount on our Products.

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