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Support your working relationships with a secure partner portal

Retain complete control over your data and access permissions when inviting partners, consultants, auditors, and suppliers who collaborate with your company. Our private, fully end-to-end encrypted partner data room ensures secure collaboration and control over sensitive information.

Ensure confidentiality and efficiency while doing business with other companies

In today's interconnected business world, effective collaboration with partners, consultants, advisors, auditors, and suppliers is key. A secure partner portal facilitates external sharing & collaboration, ensuring everyone can excel. Yet, safeguarding sensitive data is paramount. Prioritize secure communication channels and cloud storage to adhere to the highest security and privacy standards. By investing in robust measures, you foster trust, efficiency, and success.

Select a partner portal that meets both yours and your partners needs

Strong partnerships thrive on mutual trust, prioritizing the privacy and security of all involved. By ensuring confidentiality and safeguarding data, we enable:

Digitally sign all types of documents while complying with the most stringent European Qualified Signatures available on the market.

Add Watermarks to shared documents and videos to ensure nobody else will be able to reuse them outside the current context of use.

Secure sensitive emails and attachments to avoid any risk of forwarding or transferring to unauthorized people.

Although some technical solutions exist, they are difficult to use, often requiring users to jump through multiple hoops to gain access or rely on slow legacy processes and tools such as encrypted USB sticks and aging-SFTP systems.

Collaborate easily with a secure partner data room

Built on a zero-knowledge architecture, Tresorit’s partner portal software ensures all data and documents stored are end-to-end encrypted. It empowers your organization to collaborate with partners worldwide while upholding stringent security and privacy standards.

Safeguard your business reputation with Tresorit's unparalleled end-to-end encryption. Even in the event of a breach, neither hackers nor Tresorit can access the shared data, preserving confidentiality and trust among external business partners.

Retain complete control over external users and maintain total ownership of your data. With you at the helm, authorize specific partners to access, view, download, and collaborate on designated files or folders. Easily revoke access and use our remote device wipe option to erase synced files as needed.

Obtain signatures and approvals for documents and agreements, including contracts, addendums, meeting notes, or expense reports, without compromising trust. With our secure partner data room, you can initiate signing processes directly within the protected environment, eliminating the need to transfer files to less secure cloud platforms.

Tresorit makes it easy for us to exchange files with our external partners without the need to always create links. Our partners can access the necessary files provided by us directly and easily in Tresorit – and so can we.

OKB Spokesperson

Collaborating securely with external partners

Since 1886, Obwaldner Kantonalbank has been serving its customers with a range of professional retail and business banking products. And as they regularly collaborate with external partners, they needed a business portal solution that would help manage and protect sensitive documents as they were shared.
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HIPAA Compliant
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Maintain your professional working relationships with Tresorit’s secure partner data room.

What you get with Tresorit’s partner portal

Work from anywhere

From the web to your mobile device or desktop computer, you and your partners can easily share, sync and collaborate on documents 24/7 – no matter where they are located – online or offline.

Get agreements signed

Leverage our built-in digital signature capabilities to get agreements signed with your partners from within your secured partner data room without compromising security and privacy.

Maintain full control over external users and content

Make sure that only the right people can view, edit, and manage relevant documents and protect your intellectual property by assigning granular sharing permissions to folders, subfolders, and individual files. Revoke your partners access at any time without losing access to the shared data.


Customize your Partner Portal with your company brand and logo to uphold your corporate values and ensure consistency across your working relationships. Ensure your partner portal uses your own domain name to avoid any confusion or security concerns.

Comply with Industry Standards

Ensure that you – or your Partners – will be able to use a cloud-based environment compliant with industry standards like ISO27001 (Security), HIPAA (Healthcare), TISAX (Automotive) or Common Criteria.

Logs and Audit Trails

Stay in line with your security and compliance policies, with exhaustive activity logging controls that audit all interactions with all documents stored and externally shared throughout your partner ecosystem.