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Providing security on the go for Germany’s industrial specialists

Tresorit’s all-in-one package helps DTG Verpackungslogistik GmbH keep moving as they prepare shipments for land, sea, and air

A company on the move

For more than two decades, DTG Verpackungslogistik GmbH has helped Germany’s industrial giants to transport equipment across the globe.

The company prepares packages for specialist shipments — including heavy loads, industrial plant machinery, and hazardous goods — so that they’re ready for travel by air, road, or sea.

The unique and constantly-moving nature of DTG’s work means that the company is keen to embrace the benefits of digital working.

The firm often exchanges data with partners and customers in real-time, and uses a powerful inventory management system to continuously provides information on packaged shipments.

But DTG also needed to ensure that the company’s cybersecurity could keep up with their future-facing approach, so that their clients’ data remained just as safe as their valuable large-scale shipments.

The team wanted a cloud-based solution that was cheaper, more flexible, and less time-consuming than a traditional server model.

DTG already had access to Microsoft 365, but felt that OneDrive and Teams simply weren’t secure enough to meet the company’s needs.

“We wanted to have our own secure cloud environment and be independent of Microsoft because Microsoft doesn’t give me the feeling of a secure working environment,” DTG’s managing director, Juergen Gassert, tells Tresorit.

Flexibility and reliability

After weighing up several different cloud-based security solutions, DTG eventually chose Tresorit as its digital workspace, impressed by Tresorit’s industry-leading end-to-end-encrypted technology, robust security feature, and easy-to-use interface. They were also drawn to Tresorit’s data residency options, which allow the company to choose where their data is stored.

Today, all of DTG’s employees use Tresorit for internal collaboration, and to exchange files with clients and partners.

They all use the platform to store documents including client proposals, balance sheets, contracts, financial records, and personal and supplier data.

By using Tresorit, not only does DTG know that its files are being stored in compliance with GDPR, but it can also stop worrying about data breaches or ransomware attacks.

Tresorit has also helped to support greater efficiency and productivity, ensuring that all staff can easily and securely access files no matter where they are.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, DTG could oversee all of its operations remotely thanks to Tresorit’s flexible cloud-based infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the workspace’s folder system mirrors that used on standard computer operating systems, allowing companies to easily transfer their existing file structure.

All DTG employees know in which folder documents are kept, and Tresorit’s search function means that it’s easy to find individual files.

Employees can use Tresorit’s mobile app to quickly upload paperwork into a dedicated folder, while customers and partners can use the file request feature to upload documents directly into DTG’s system. It’s the perfect way to ensure that data won’t end up lingering in somebody’s downloads folder, streamlining the file-sharing process.

"When we are on the go or visiting a client, we have the whole office with us thanks to Tresorit and can access all necessary documents easily. This is a huge relief for us,” says Juergen Gassert.

A safe pair of hands

In a company constantly on the move, Tresorit is ultimately valued for its stability and reliability.

DTG employees aren’t concerned about outages or accessing documents on the go— even if they’re offline.

Stressful or unusual environments on the road are also not a concern. The company has used Tresorit’s security features to ensure that only admins can permanently delete files from the cloud, allowing staff to recover their data in case of an accidental misclick.

It’s just another way that Tresorit works to keep users’ data safe so that companies can focus on meeting their clients’ needs — wherever they may be.


For over 25 years DTG have specialized in the packaging of industrial goods of widely varying types for transport as sea or air freight offering solutions for a very wide range of requirements, e.g. packaging for heavy products, industrial plant packaging, hazardous goods packaging by specially trained employees and logistics services.







The challenge

  • Server-based solutions did not meet client needs

  • Staff required on-the-go access to documents

  • Company needed storage for all types of documents, including images

  • Mainstream platforms could not meet data security needs

Tresorit’s solution

  • Secure and comfortable cloud-based platform ensures files are always available

  • Mobile app and camera upload allow for quick and convenient remote working

  • End-to-end encryption keeps data safe and provides a secure alternative to mainstream options

  • Customizable features available to prevent data loss

  • Folder structure and search function ensure documents are easy to find

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