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Removing the barriers to creative workflows thanks to Tresorit’s secure collaboration tool

A leading financial services company in Central Europe required a solution to secure their collaboration with external agencies.

The order of the day: digital transformation

Having strengthened their position within Central and Eastern Europe, digitalisation was the next strategic decision left for Erste Bank to push through in order to futureproof their organisation and maintain their market share.

Rethinking their approach to creative asset management occupied a prominent place on Erste Bank’s transformational agenda. The challenges they faced were symptomatic of any large organisation collaborating with external partners – insecure channels for collaboration and inefficient processes/tools governing these.

This made Tresorit’s ultra-secure collaboration capabilities (along with its easy-to-use interface) the ideal fit for Erste Bank’s requirements; a partnership that has matured and blossomed since its inception in 2017.

Boundless collaboration with external creatives

Erste Bank had already begun the process of in-housing creative (UX/UI) planning and development before Tresorit, but still leant heavily upon external agencies and subject matter experts to ensure their campaigns went live smoothly. Fortunately for all parties, Tresorit proved easy to integrate with the organization’s digital tool suite, and, since adoption, has served as a secure bridge connecting the creative teams inside and outside the company.

Tresorit has helped to make collaboration with external agencies smooth and secure as we continue to digitize our creative asset planning and development processes.
Attila ÁcsSenior Digital Sales Expert and Product Manager

Security was also an imperative for Erste Bank – given the exchanges of files and documents were happening with external parties, they had to ensure their creative files would never be compromised or leaked. Likewise, they also had to provide external partners with a safe channel for uploading files back to Erste Bank’s cloud.

The assets that make up these creative campaigns are now perfectly protected with Tresorit’s secure technology. With end-to-end encrypted file requests and easy-to-manage access rights, both the bank and its partners can access creative assets securely - and Erste Bank are always left in control of who accesses their documents when and from which device.

Capturing fleeting ideas made foolproof & efficient

Collaborating with a larger number of contributors – from creative planning through to feedback loops – can be cumbersome to manage. Onboarding Tresorit’s flexible and intuitive tool lifted the organisational burden from the creative teams and allowed them to focus on their work.

Fully synced up folders across desktop and mobile devices has helped Erste Bank’s creative teams to navigate edits and versioning with ease. Tresorit allows for projects and bodies for work to continuously refine and edit their creative assets as the project evolves, without worrying about losing important edits or previous versions.

Fully aware that device diversity is inevitable in the remote era and that their creative workforce relies on a wide range of devices, too – from Macs to PCs and mobile devices – it was critical for Erste Bank to remove the technical barriers to their work.

At Erste Bank we are collaborating with different external agencies. What they have in common, however, is that they are working on as many different computers as possible. With Tresorit, we can give them the freedom to work on the device of their choice.
Attila ÁcsSenior Digital Sales Expert and Product Manager

Since Tresorit has been introduced to Erste Bank’s creative teams, technical limitations to their creativity have been removed – ideas and files can now flow freely between internal and external teams, and growth/efficiency is improving steadily.


Founded in 1819, Erste Bank was the first Austrian savings bank to champion easy access to financial services. Having started its expansion across Central and Eastern Europe in 1997, it now sits at the heart of Erste Group - one of the region’s largest financial services providers.




Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe



The challenge

  • Roadblocks to digitizing creative asset management due to a lack of appropriate tools

  • A lack of control over shared documents when dealing with external agencies & experts

  • Troublesome collaboration on documents due to sync issues and conflicting files

  • Inconsistency of platforms and devices used by different parties inside and outside the company

Tresorit’s solution

  • Enabling next level digitalization of creative workloads

  • Secure channels for sharing work files & advanced controls over documents

  • Making collaboration on creative assets more efficient without the risks of losing edits or previous versions

  • Device and platform flexibility for distributed teams and remote workers

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