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Pump Court Chambers chooses Tresorit to protect client information

Challenge: A Chambers’ duty to protect client data

London-based, Pump Court Chambers approached Tresorit in their search for a highly secure solution for sending documents between clients, barristers, and staff members. With case preparation increasingly becoming digital, they wanted to ensure that information, including large files such as Court bundles, could be sent securely whilst also mitigating the risk of files being emailed to the wrong recipient. As they explained:

Our clients trust us to handle their information securely. It is therefore very important to us that we have systems in place to protect the information which is provided to us, to the highest extent possible.

Chambers needed a secure file sharing solution that was combined with strong auditing capabilities, so that they could verify access to files and provide comprehensive reports to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), in the event of a potential data breach or near-miss.

What’s more, they required an application that’s available on all platforms and devices with a reliable synchronization feature to allow members easy access to files, whilst working remotely or on-the-go.

Solution: More controls, more security, and less headaches

Pump Court Chambers can now send secure links to encrypted files held within Tresorit, instead of attaching documents to emails when sending information externally. Not only can the team instantaneously revoke access to the link if a mistake is made, they can also use the link’s security settings to add as many additional layers of protection as necessary: passwords, download/view limits, email verification, expiry dates, and much more.

By setting policies for user groups, the Tresorit subscription administrator at Pump Court Chambers was also able to harmonize security settings and save members valuable time in the process.

Pump Court Chambers summarized the benefits of rolling out Tresorit within their organisation:

With Tresorit, we have confidence that we are providing the best possible technological solution to safeguard our clients’ data.

Tresorit is also helping their barristers be more productive when they’re on the move. Instead of waiting for a strong Wi-Fi or mobile phone signal to attach a large file, the team can now simply copy and send a secure, end-to-end encrypted link from the Tresorit app, which requires a much lower level of data.

Outcome: Secure file sharing made easy; workflows streamlined

Pump Court Chambers summarised the advantages of Tresorit:

Since rolling out Tresorit, we have been able to streamline our processes. Our personalised Tresorit system looks professional and is easy for everyone to use. Clients simply need to click on a link and verify their email address to access documents securely: it could not be simpler!
The training we received from Tresorit was very helpful and they were able to quickly turn around some custom development work so that we could automatically install the application on our members’ remote desktops.
We are now looking forward to making Tresorit available to an even wider user base, and have no hesitation in recommending Tresorit to our peers.


Established in 1944, London-based Pump Court Chambers is one of the UK’s premier common law chambers, with deep strength in civil, criminal and family law.







The challenge

  • Transitioning to digital case preparation and document management

  • Reports and Audits to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office)

  • Wide-range device support – On-the-go work and document access

  • The most secure file sharing available

Tresorit’s solution

  • Streamlined process for storing, sharing, and collaborating on confidential files

  • Reassurance for information security regulators that Pump Court Chambers is acting appropriately to protect confidential data to the fullest extent possible

  • Personalized Tresorit system that’s easy for barristers, clerks, and clients to use

  • Widened user-base for Tresorit within just one year

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