On-demand Webinar: Privacy by Design

  • November 15th, 2022
  • Duration: 29 mins
  • English
At Tresorit, we’re putting Tresorit Business admins in charge of how their teams share sensitive information inside and outside the organization. In this webinar, Tresorit team presents some features that help with exactly this.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why data access control is important?
  • How Tresorit's new features ensure even better access control and user management.

Meet our speakers

Peter Budai

Chief Product Officer

Peter is responsible for defining and executing the product strategy of Tresorit’s end-to-end encrypted productivity solutions, making sure that our customers have the best.

Tamás Molnár

Senior Sales Manager

Tamas is responsible for customers’ needs and goals across Northern Europe, the UK, and the Baltics. He closely supports a broad range of customers to help them secure their business-critical sensitive data and collaborate efficiently.
User-friendly end-to-end encrypted cloud collaboration is central to future-proofing businesses. E2E encrypted emailing is the next leap in creating truly secure workspaces for organizations of all sizes.

István LámCo-Founder and CEO of Tresorit

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HIPAA Compliant
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