Compliance by design: Introducing EU qualified electronic signatures

Compliance by design: Introducing EU qualified electronic signatures

Online signing solutions, just as workspace solutions, have become commonplace nowadays. However, businesses face challenges in managing multiple applications for signing and document management, often neglecting the vulnerabilities when transferring documents between tools. With more and more demanding regulatory requirements, compliance is also a burning issue. Given that signed documents often contain confidential data, the stakes are high.

Tresorit brings together the best of both worlds into a secure digital space covered by zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption. By partnering with Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) Evrotrust, we combine ultimate security with certified identity proofing to help businesses ensure the highest level of eIDAS compliance and legal certainty across the EU with qualified electronic signatures (QES). Our privacy-preserving method called zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption is a true differentiator, making sure that no unauthorized third-party, not even Tresorit or Evrotrust, can ever access your sensitive documents.

With electronic signatures and EU qualified electronic signatures accessible in just a few clicks within Tresorit, we help you extend industry-best security and confidentiality to the entire lifecycle of your document management. Switching to a more secure way of working is easier than ever for organizations, no matter the chosen plan  ̶  try Tresorit eSign and receive 10 electronic and 6 EU qualified signatures for free.

Traditional practices like printing, signing, and scanning belong to an outgoing era. With the emergence of signing platforms, wet ink signatures are now limited to a bunch of specific legal cases. However, digital signatures come with their own set of challenges:

  • Each document touchpoint and transfer between tools increases the risks of security incidents and human errors.
  • Contracting and coordinating relationships with multiple vendors is costly and time-consuming. On top of that, it can introduce additional risks.
  • Inconvenience and fragmented workflows are inherent when using isolated systems.
  • Compliance should not be an afterthought anymore, as regulatory bodies are catching up with this evolution, shaping the rules for a more compliant and trustworthy electronic signature landscape.

A unified solution for secure electronic signatures & document management

From the beginning, Tresorit has aimed to address the challenges that occur at the intersection of security and compliance without trading off usability. Understanding that signing is an integral part of your document workflow, Tresorit eSign offers a built-in solution for electronic signatures within our secure platform.

How is this possible? Our workspace is protected by industry-best cryptographic security, zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption. This ensures true confidentiality since nobody, not even Tresorit or a third-party, can ever access your documents’ content. With a signing solution incorporated into our platform, you can expand unbreachable security also to your signature workflows.

The advantages are obvious: you can reduce the risks and annoyances of switching systems and manage your documents seamlessly from Tresorit’s end-to-end-encrypted platform. With fewer tools to oversee, your teams can focus on meaningful activities. Built-in security serves, ultimately, your compliance goals too.

Tresorit eSign

Supporting a tiered strategy for signatures

NDAs, contracts, international transactions, legal documents, etc. – with a variety of use cases and agreement types regulated by electronic signature laws and industry norms – compliance is one of the top concerns for businesses. 36% of non-adopters say compliance is the main barrier to using eSignature solutions, while 33% are concerned about legality.

Tresorit eSign has been designed with compliance in mind to facilitate a layered approach to signing, without having to ignore ease of use or overpay for signatures.

With our electronic signatures right at your fingertips in Tresorit, you can effortlessly secure low-risk, daily signing workflows and boost productivity. For high-liability documents and transactions across the EU, you can rely on EU qualified electronic signatures.

When transacting across the EU, the eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) sets standards for using electronic signatures.

According to this framework, qualified electronic signatures hold the highest legal weight, considered equivalent to handwritten signatures. Being mutually accepted in all EU member states and admissible as undeniable evidence in a European court, it is the golden standard for electronic signatures.

It comes as no surprise that QES was the right fit for Tresorit’s security- and compliance-centered strategy. To complement end-to-end encryption with certified identity verification, Tresorit partners with Qualified Trust Service Provider Evrotrust. With QES as part of our signature offering, you can gain competitive advantage when doing business across the EU:

  • Legality: deemed to be equivalent to wet ink signatures, QES ensures the highest level of legal probative value, enforceability, and non-repudiation.
  • Security: backed up by secure digital certificates and strict identity proofing from a listed QTSP, it caters for authenticity and integrity of signed documents
  • EU compliance: being conform with the highest GDPR and eIDAS standards, QES removes the risks of non-compliance 
  • Cross-border recognition: benefitting from unequivocal acceptance in all EU member states, QES facilitates remote signing scenarios and promotes international transactions
  • Efficiency: with an intuitive online signature solution integrated into our end-to-end-encrypted workspace, you can get the most out of your teams’ productivity

Why would you use a standalone signing solution if it just brings more risks and inefficiency? With electronic signatures and EU qualified signatures seamlessly embedded into Tresorit’s SecureCloud, you are well equipped to secure your processes at every document touchpoint and achieve compliance. Try Tresorit without commitments and get 10 electronic and 6 EU qualified signatures for free.