Digitalization and security in the context of electronic crime with Tony Van Der Haar

Digitalization and security in the context of electronic crime with Tony Van Der Haar

Every second week we interview an expert from a specific industry to talk about trending topics & security concerns and to share some best practices when it comes to data protection and secure collaboration.

In the very first episode we talk to Tony Van Der Haar, who works in a sheriff’s office in Northern Kentucky and is in charge of the fight against electronic crime.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office, which is the second-largest sheriff’s office in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, employs 174 sworn deputies serving in the Patrol Division and Traffic Unit, Criminal Investigations, Court Services or as School Resource Officers.

Tony gives us some insights into how important proper data protection is when it comes to investigating, collaborating with other detectives or working with courts in order to provide evidence, especially in today’s world in which everyone has a cellphone full of data. The audio trail makes their work a lot easier, because they can track IP addresses and the date and time of the opening, and they can see who opens or downloads the shared files.

Learn why encryption is a double-edged sword for them and how they switched to encrypted cloud space instead of working with external hard drives to share sensitive info with other law enforcement units across states.

We also discuss how they made adjustments because of the pandemic and ensured that they had secure access to all the data they needed and could work securely in their home offices, too.

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