How to grow cyber-resilient businesses

How to grow cyber-resilient businesses

For organizations everywhere, the prospect of a data breach is a nightmare scenario.

Luckily, IT risk experts such as Ben de La Salle, CEO and founder of ICA Consultancy, are on hand to help companies bolster their defenses and guide them through security events.

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where Ben shared his experience navigating digital risk and building businesses’ cyber resilience with Tresorit’s Peter Budai, CTO.

As well as spotlighting real-life strategies that companies can use in the face of a cyberattack, they talked through how companies can ensure business continuity and prevent reputational loss if the worst should happen.

Also discussed were the common causes of data breaches, and how organizations can mitigate their risk: whether by tackling human error by training employees, improving usability, and addressing shadow IT, or by using powerful end-to-end encryption that renders data useless if ensnared by ransomware.

For modern companies, digital threats can come from anywhere — which is why cyber security should be everyone’s responsibility. Whether or not your organization has a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer, we want to empower business leaders to take the lead and protect their most valuable assets.

If you missed this webinar, check it out below.