Introducing Tresorit eSign


Every day, businesses send documents that require signatures. Maybe you’re working with a contractor who needs to sign a contract and NDA. Maybe your human resources department needs to verify some employee information. We know that these documents contain sensitive information you want to protect, so we’re excited to announce Tresorit eSign – the electronic signature solution by Tresorit.

The Same End-to-End Encryption

You asked, and we listened. Using applications designed only for electronic signatures is time-consuming and cumbersome. Storing and accessing those documents in the signing application takes employees away from critical tasks and limits collaboration.

With our new eSign solution, everyone involved in the document management lifecycle can have the same secure, end-to-end encrypted filesharing without leaving Tresorit. Simply create a shared folder in Tresorit and set access controls for a single document repository.

Access Monitoring to Mitigate Data Breach Risk

Ensuring that only the people who need access to signed documents is increasingly important. To protect the sensitive data they contain, you can use the access controls in Tresorit’s eSign to limit who can view and edit contracts. You can prevent unauthorized access by setting alerts and revoking access when necessary. All your monitoring is done with the same detailed access logs you use across the rest of Tresorit.

You can place additional controls around the documents, like setting expiration dates and limiting the number of times someone can access them.

Workflows for Streamlined Contract Management

Managing the contract lifecycle is an endless series of emails, calls, and calendar reminders. With Tresorit eSign, you don’t have to worry about that anymore – everyone with access gains quick visibility into document status, including signed, pending, and rejected.

Our electronic signature saves everyone time with customizable templates, email inbox integrations, and built-in eSign requests.

Tresorit eSign: Security and Privacy for a Digital Economy

We designed our eSign solution with the same mission behind all our products – giving you control over your data. Securing a digital economy means securing all data that your business manages, including documents that require a signature.

We’re excited to expand Tresorit in a way that meets evolving business needs and responds to customer challenges.