Launching email encryption: our next step towards securing your workspace

Launching email encryption: our next step towards securing your workspace

We’re excited to announce that we are launching our new email encryption tool to help professionals and businesses of all sizes secure their emailing and protect their confidential data with end-to-end encryption.

Bringing our ultra-secure end-to-end encryption to emails and email attachments is a major step for us towards developing secure and user-friendly workplace & collaboration tools that fit seamlessly to the workflows of companies. Our email encryption is the most intuitive way to keep sensitive email data confidential using the highest possible level of encryption.

What are the most exciting features?

·       End-to-end encrypt your emails as well as the replies sent to you

Our email encryption only requires the sender to have a Tresorit account, enabling users to secure not only all their outbound but also their inbound emails, as replies are encrypted by default. All emails and attachments sent with Tresorit’s email encryption as well as the replies sent to these (regardless of whether the sender of the reply has a Tresorit account or not) will be end-to-end encrypted with the encryption technology used in Tresorit’s cloud storage and file-sharing app. This means, no one besides the sender and the recipient is able to read them.

·       Switch to secure emails easily and effortlessly

Our email encryption fits into your existing workflow and takes just one click. Once the plugin is installed, you can write your emails as usual and encrypt the email and the attachment with just a click. See how this works here.

·       Further control features to protect your data

Besides our end-to-end encryption, you can ensure that you’re in total control of your emails even after they are sent: you can disable forwarding, or recall emails, validate recipients with email address, and get access logs.

Tresorit’s email encryption works is currently available for Tresorit users and works together with popular email services as a built-in module. Currently it is available on Microsoft Outlook desktop, further platforms (Gmail, Microsoft 365, and more) are planned for future releases. Stay tuned!

Learn more here about email encryption.