Prioritize digital workplace efficiency with our winter 2023 State of the Union webinar

Prioritize digital workplace efficiency with our winter 2023 State of the Union webinar

At Tresorit, we help customers prioritize productivity. And if you’re looking for the easiest and most efficient way to dive into the world of cybersecurity, learn about Tresorit’s latest releases, and get a sneak peek at what we’ve got in store for 2024, then there’s nothing better than our bi-annual State of the Union webinar.

Tresorit’s Head of Product Marketing, Aaron Stillman, discussed how businesses can use our full suite of end-to-end encrypted tools to promote workplace productivity without sacrificing security.

We're also shining a special spotlight on the efficiencies and security gained with digital signatures, including Tresorit eSign.

By skipping the carousel of printing, signing, and rescanning that plagues ink-and-paper files, digital signatures can turn several days of tedium into just a few hours work.

We discussed how Tresorit eSign can be used to both boost security and efficiency, and how Tresorit customers including the German Red Cross are already using digital signatures to enforce company transparency policies while unclogging sluggish workflows.

We’ve also shared news on the imminent arrival of Tresorit eSign’s EU QeS: a qualified electronic signature that can be used to guarantee the highest level of assurance when signing top-level digital documents within the European Union. It’s a must-watch for companies doing business with or inside Europe.

Watch the webinar below and understand some of Tresorit’s newest offerings in our live video demonstrations, including our secure video file sharing — specifically designed to help users process and safeguard videos and maintain chain of custody in the case of digital evidence — and our improved unified folder experience.

Our next-gen folders were rolled out last year to provide accurate and secure sub-folder sharing, and we’re proud to keep improving our collaboration platform with new file request and external invitation links already available. It’s just one part of our promise to keep Tresorit and our customers fully-future ready.

If you missed this webinar, you can now watch it below.