Secure digital collaboration on the water – HR insights with Codi Robbins

Secure digital collaboration on the water – HR insights with Codi Robbins

In the next episode of our privacy podcast “under CTRL”, let’s get on board with Hornblower Cruises and Events! Codi Robbins, HR Manager of this premier public dining cruise and charter yacht company, navigates us through the challenges they have been facing in these exceptional times. How have they benefited from deploying secure technology and even from strict data protection regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)? And how does a human-centric approach come into play when using technology?

Her insights come from the intersection of two industries – human resources and hospitality – and reveal some interesting moments from the crew’s operation. Having transitioned from the tech industry and working on a boat now, she can provide us with thought-provoking perspectives.

Our conversation about tech evolution spans from the past to the future, touching on COVID-19 as a catalyst for the digital transformation. Looking back, Codi highlights some factors that an HR professional must consider when driving technology adoption in a company. Understanding the “language” of Baby Boomers, Millennials or a Gen Z is paramount when it comes to choosing the right platforms.

With design and intuitive interfaces being everything these days and security often being sacrificed for ease of use, we were interested in how HR professionals juggle these requirements. Due to the variety of sensitive information they are dealing with – recruits’ &employees’ personal data, medical records and third-party information – a secure application like Tresorit for exchanging information internally and externally is essential for them.

Technology was also the central engine which helped them keep the basics running when COVID-19 turned their life upside down. Working on a boat requires constant presence and a very close personal relationship between employees. How can an HR professional cope with the situation and do her job, providing information and support remotely – all in a secure & compliant way? Hornblower’s story is similar to the story of millions of companies which have been forced to embrace change and digital communication due to COVID-19.

Touching on compliance, we were curious to find out more about the new data protection law in California (CCPA). Adhering to the regulations and strengthening their security measures has turned out to be beneficial for Hornblower. As the company’s philosophy is characterized by a constant striving for excellence, they are applying the highest level of data protection as set out in the CCPA across all the states they operate in.

Looking into the future, Codi is positive about technology. As a people-focused professional, however, she is confident that the future of HR will remain essentially human.

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