Secure your sensitive data with your Fingerprint on Android

Secure your sensitive data with your Fingerprint on Android

At Tresorit, we want to make best-in-class IT security technologies accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech-savviness. To do that, we are continuously innovating and incorporating the latest security features to our service. Today, as a further step to increase our mobile security, we are happy to announce our support for Android 6.0’s Fingerprint Authentication API.

Introducing Fingerprint security for Tresorit on Android

Also known as Biometric authentication, fingerprints have proven to be more reliable, secure and convenient than passwords. Your fingerprint is unique, no one can replicate it and you always have them ‘with you’.

Thanks to iOS TouchID, Tresorit users have already been able to use fingerprint authentication on iPhones and iPads since last fall.

But from now on, you can secure your Tresorit files with your fingerprint on Android devices too.

How does it work?

When enabling Fingerprint authentication on your Android phone, the Tresorit app will automatically prompt for your fingerprint as a passcode alternative. Don’t worry, you can always use your passcode as a backup, of course.

Note that currently there is only a handful of Android devices which support Fingerprint authentication

I personally believe in the power of biometric authentication, so I hope to see more devices soon with built-in Fingerprint support. Stay safe!