Send large files securely: Tresorit launches its standalone end-to-end encrypted file sharing service

Send large files securely: Tresorit launches its standalone end-to-end encrypted file sharing service

We are happy to announce the launch of the beta version of our end-to-end encrypted file sharing service, Tresorit Send. The standalone file sharing service makes large file sending, up to 5GB, secure and easy for everyone for free, without registration.

In a previous blog post, we have explained why you should reconsider sending email attachments. To recap, the main problem with email attachments is that once they are sent, you lose control over the attached files. You don’t know whether the file was opened by the recipient and you can’t revoke the file if ever you realize you sent it to the wrong email address.

Several studies find that human mistakes account for a large percentage of data breaches. And one of the most common mistakes is admittedly sending an email to the wrong recipient. This can lead to serious consequences, especially in a business environment. Sectors such as pharma, health care, legal or financial, exchange files containing sensitive client data, trade secrets or intellectual property on a daily basis. If ever these are shared with the wrong person, they can endanger a business’ economic advantage over competitors or lead to serious fines under data protection regulations such as the GDPR.

Our aim was to launch a secure file sharing app that seamlessly fits into businesses’ workflow and reduces the risk of accidental data leaks. Powered by Tresorit’s zero knowledge, end-to-end encrypted link sharing technology, Tresorit Send guarantees the confidentiality of business files from the moment they are sent until they reach the recipient’s device. End-to-end encryption means that files are secured before they leave the users’ device and remain fully encrypted until they reach the recipient. Tresorit does not hold the encryption keys, they are stored in the link itself. Therefore, no one but those who receive the link can access the shared content. As security is paramount to us, we have added some extra security features as well.

What are the key features of Tresorit Send?

  • End-to-end encryption to protect the confidentiality of the files
  • Password for a two-layered protection
  • Link revocation to remove access to the download page
  • Notification when somebody opens the shared link
  • Upload limit of maximum 100 files up to 5 GB
  • Transfers available for 7 days or up until 10 downloads
  • Availability from the browser without registration or from the Chrome Extension

Read our press release to learn more about Tresorit Send or see how to use it here.

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