State of the Union: get ahead of Tresorit’s latest releases for 2023

State of the Union: get ahead of Tresorit’s latest releases for 2023

At Tresorit, we believe that privacy is a human right. But we also believe the technology should be intuitive, easy to use, and merge seamlessly with your everyday office routine.

Our state of the union winter webinar rounds up Tresorit’s most innovative new features from the last six months of 2022 — including plenty of new tools designed to boost efficiency and provide a hassle-free experience for users and admins.

Our CEO and co-founder István Lám is also on hand to provide the latest insider updates on what’s in store for 2023.

Click here to listen to our latest podcast episode or read on for our summary of the must-know talking points.

1. We’re committed to taking business digital

It might be 2023, but some office tasks remain stubbornly synonymous with old-fashioned paper and ink. At Tresorit, we’re focusing on widening the range of tasks that can be carried out completely within our encrypted, cloud-based workspace, so that offices can truly embrace paperless working.

The introduction of Tresorit eSign in 2022 — allowing users to send and sign documents from within the Tresorit workspace — was our latest step in creating a digital management system that cares for your documents throughout their entire lifecycle.

We’ll be building on all of these features, as well as working to integrate our secure platform with IoT systems — bringing the peace of mind that comes with cutting-edge cybersecurity to every area of your workplace.

2. Tresorit’s most secure electronic signature is heading to the EU

We’ve already had great feedback from customers on Tresorit eSign, and we’ll be working this year on improving our service based on these reviews.

At the moment, most of our Tresorit eSign customers have access to electronic signatures. These digital signatures are perfect for internal and external office documents, such as NDAs. All digital signatures created within Tresorit eSign are also backed up by LTV, or long-term validation. LTV records the state of an individual document when it is digitally signed, essentially creating a chain of verified digital certificates. It's these certifications that guarantee your e-signature will remain trustworthy in five, 10, or even 20 years.

But eagle-eyed customers may have already noticed that we’re also offering users in Switzerland a second type of e-signature: a qualified electronic signature, or QES.

QES are considered the most secure type of electronic signature, and are sometimes required for certain legal documents.

In 2023, we also plant to introduce qualified electronic signatures to all of our European customers, in line with EU law.

If you’d like to read more about simple and qualified electronic signatures and what they can offer your business, click here.

3. Get ready for (even easier) onboarding

Much of our focus in 2022 has been on giving users more control over their Tresorit experience, with new, more granular sharing options for subfolders and files.

We’ve also unveiled new tools that allow admins to more easily reassign ownership of shared folders, creating a smoother transition process when onboarding or offboarding team members.

We’ve also made it possible to move data from one user to another within the same subscription.

That means that if an employee changes their name, or even if your whole organization changes its domain after a rebranding or merger, it’s quick and hassle-free to transfer account info to a new email address.

All of this means that no matter what 2023 brings, staying in control of your documents is easier than ever.

4. Getting the most from encrypted email

Since Tresorit’s encrypted email add-on launched back in 2022, we’ve been hard at work improving its user experience — meaning it’s never been easier to encrypt your emails with a single click.

Our latest feature allows IT admins to implement uniform rules for encrypted emails across multiple accounts. These rules can be set to guarantee that employees follow company-wide policies: for example, to ensure that email traffic to and from certain domains, or messages with attachments, are always encrypted before sending.

At the moment, our encrypted e-mail add-on can be fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, but similar integrations with other inbox providers are already on the horizon. Microsoft 365 is next on our list, but full integration with Apple Mail is also in view.

5. Tresorit integration is coming for Microsoft Teams

We know that many of our customers rely heavily on Microsoft business tools to get things done. That’s why we’re soon rolling out our full Tresorit integration for Microsoft Teams — giving users all the power and comfort of Tresorit’s end-to-end encrypted data storage and secure digital signature function from inside the Microsoft workspace. It’s the perfect complement to Tresorit’s encrypted email function, which is already available inside Microsoft Outlook.

We’re currently moving into the beta phase of this project, which means we’re also on the lookout for users who want to get involved in the testing process. If your organization would like to be among the first to try this exciting new feature, just reach out to the Tresorit team at

6. Don’t forget to check out the Swiss Digital Trust Label

And finally, we’re very proud to announce that Tresorit is one of the first organizations to obtain the prestigious Swiss Digital Trust Label.

We’re proud to have joined the Swiss Digital Trust Label to show our commitment to cybersecurity that goes beyond GDPR or ISO compliance.

But we’re also proud to have joined them in their global push for better digital values, encouraging governments, organizations, and businesses to make the right choices to protect the public and their data.

You can read more on the Swiss Digital Trust Label and its rigorous 35-point audit here.

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