State of the Union: Introducing Tresorit’s latest features for the first half of 2022

State of the Union: Introducing Tresorit’s latest features for the first half of 2022

At Tresorit, we make products to solve users’ real-life problems. In our State of the Union webinar for summer 2022, we introduce some of the latest updates and changes designed to make data protection simple, most of which come directly from customer feedback.

The webinar will summarize all our major releases since the beginning of 2022, and give you a glimpse into what's on the roadmap. You’ll also get a hands-on experience by watching our new features in action.

Either click here to listen the webinar in full, or read on for a round-up of the major talking points.

1. We’re making admin easier

As you’ve probably already noticed, one of our big changes this year has been tweaking Tresorit’s Admin Center. Inside, we’ve also introduced lots of small tips and tools that will help you sleep better at night, such as allowing admins to reset passwords for individual staff accounts.

2. Single sign-on for Google Workspace is here

We’re also taking some of the strain off admins and users by introducing single sign-on for Tresorit accounts via Google Workspace. Companies will also be able to manage which accounts on their system can use single sign-on, so its use can also be focused on those groups who need it most.

3. Taking care of your domain

We recently rolled out domain verification for Tresorit admins. If a new user tries to create a Tresorit account using an email address on your domain, our new tools will allow you to decide what happens next. Users with a company email address can be automatically added to your business account, or blocked from making a profile.

Admins are also now able to personalize their own sub-domain, adding a touch of company branding to your Tresorit sharing links.

4. File sharing just got easier

You asked, and we delivered: our new updates give you the power to share individual sub-folders via Tresorit, allowing you to control even more closely who has access to specific documents. We’ve also introduced email notifications for shared links, so that you’ll know every time someone accesses a specific file or folder via link.

We’ve also worked hard to make our filesharing workflows more intuitive, with an improved user interface designed to make onboarding easier. Part of that change has also meant saying goodbye to the term Tresors within our folder system. While we’re sad to see this little piece of Tresorit history go, we’re excited to make our platform more accessible to even more people.

5. It’s all about email

More companies than ever before are turning to email encryption to keep their data secure.

With that in mind, Tresorit is proud to have launched our own email encryption service, making it just as easy for users to send an encrypted email as it is a normal message.

If you want to know more, then we already have a separate webinar on how email encryption can protect data and be easily incorporated into business workflows.

Our encrypted email add-on is currently only available through Outlook for Windows, but expanding our reach is set to be one of Tresorit’s major focuses for the rest of 2022 and beyond. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels for updates as we grow our list of supported email providers.