Tresorit doubles price on its head and challenges top hackers!

Tresorit doubles price on its head and challenges top hackers!

We are happy to announce the 3rd round of Tresorit Hacking Challenge and invites hackers to try its security.

The Challenge has been running for a while now and none has succeeded yet. We are proud of that, since it means that security is done right and data stored, synced and shared with Tresorit are safe and secure.

We like challeneges and we are also open to learn from the hacking community. It was time to give this Challenge a spin, raise the bids and restructure the competition itself a bit. So this is how the third round was born.

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Why did we start the Hacking Challenge?

We strongly believe that everyone has a right to privacy and our mission is to develop a secure and reliable service which protects our users’ privacy. Tresorit is challenging the best coders out there to see if there are any hidden issues that would endanger user data. This way, we kickstart continuous, public penetration testing.

No worries, the hackaton runs on a separate ‘hacking arena’, a dedicated server, and real user data is not at stake by any means.

Win the ultimate Hacker adventure!

Tresorit also encourages hunting for vulnerabilities with a unique prize – the hacker adventure of a lifetime.

Did you like movies like Swordfish or James Bond? We are true fans of them. But we know that they don’t exactly depict the lifestyle of a real hacker. However, many of us started to write code, dreaming of such adventures.

Tresorit wants the best of the best to experience such a life for a weekend. The company will organize an adventure, with the best vulnerability hunter playing the lead role. The lucky one getting the prize can ride a tank, be part of a gunfight and drive a Maserati.

Challenge is up! You get a $25,000 bounty if you can break our encryption. Question is whether there is anyone out there who can. Give Tresorit a try!