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eSign: Unlock Unlimited Signatures

Empower teams with a secure, transparent, and fast digital online signature solution.


E-sign and secure crucial documents from anywhere

/ user / month, billed annually

+ / user / month, billed annually

Starts from 3 users

Do you ever get frustrated when trying to get a document signed quickly?

Do you ever get frustrated when trying to get a document signed quickly?

Businesses rely on signed documents like sales offers, purchase orders, NDAs, third-party vendor contracts, engagement letters and employee contracts.

Managing the signing process of these documents is time consuming. You need to be there in person, modifying the hard copy is cumbersome, and in addition, the delivery and storage costs can be enormous.

At Tresorit, we believe signing, processing, and protecting signed documents should be easy as 1, 2, 3.

With Tresorit, processing digital signatures is faster and easier.

You’ll also gain control over document management in a highly protected environment.

  • 83%

    performance improvement in getting signature approvals. [1]

  • 86%

    savings in document management costs. [1]

  1. [1] The path to mass adoption of electronic signatures by Electronic Signature & Records Association
Tresorit eSign combines digital signatures with a secure, encrypted cloud solution for your employees and external collaborators.

Secure crucial documents during signing – and beyond

  • Create fine-grained access controls and monitor detailed logs to ensure compliance
  • Gain visibility into completed, pending, and rejected requests directly in Tresorit
  • Create a secure contract repository for collaboration across multiple departments like sales, IT, human resources, procurement, and management
  • Sign documents online in a few clicks. Improve the signature process efficiency and access files from anywhere at anytime.

Faster and safer document signing with electronic signature

Paper-based signing

Required time: ~2 weeks

  • High chances of errors
  • Slow signature process
  • High costs related to paper, shipment, and manpower
Paper based

Tresorit eSign

Required time: ~10 minutes

  • Improved signature process efficiency
  • Lower document management costs
  • Safer contract management
  • Documents can be accessed from anywhere at anytime

Trusted by 12,000+ organizations worldwide

  • KPMG
  • SAP
  • Allianz
  • Viessmann
  • Telekom
  • Pfizer
  • Roche

Try Tresorit eSign for free for 14 days

Get 10 signatures to Try Tresorit eSign during the trial period.
Add signature to pdf documents easily. Your partners don’t need a Tresorit account to sign the requested files.

Tresorit eSign Professional

/ month, billed annually

+ / month, billed annually

Key features

Unlimited number of simple electronic signature

Detailed logging

HIPAA compliant

Fields (Signature, signer info and data)

Tresorit eSign BusinessPopular

/ user / month, billed annually

+ / user / month, billed annually

Starts from 3 users

All Professional plan features, plus

+SSO (Okta, AzureAD, Google Workspace)

+Advanced control

+Custom branding

+Data residency options


Tresorit eSign Enterprise



Starts from 50 users

All Business plan features, plus

+User provisioning

+SIEM integration

+Multiple data residency options


Frequently asked questions & resources

    About electronic signatures

    • An electronic signature (or eSignature for short) is a digital representation of a person’s signature. It’s used to sign electronic documents or records via an eSign service, indicating that the person has read and agreed to the content of the document. The term ‘electronic signature’ is an umbrella term that encompasses different types of eSignatures. Learn more about electronic signatures on our blog.
    • If everyone involved in the signing process agrees to use an eSign solution (like Tresorit eSign), they can be considered legally binding.
    • Online document signing can speed up the signature process considerably and makes document storage simpler and more cost-effective. Electronic signature solutions also help you increase the security level of your documents while improving efficiency and accuracy.

    About Tresorit eSign

    • Tresorit eSign offers easy and secure electronic document signing. Creating eSign requests from your encrypted Tresorit workspace is easy and quick. Once you send the signature request, signing takes just a few clicks.
    • Just like any other Tresorit product, Tresorit eSign uses zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption to guarantee the highest level of security for your data.
    • You can manage eSign requests in Tresorit eSign from your browser. You can review eSign requests from your browser. We’re continuously working on adding more platforms.
    • You can only sign PDF documents with Tresorit.
    • No, signers don’t need a Tresorit account to eSign documents – you only need a Tresorit account to create an eSign request.