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Improving efficiency with Tresorit eSign

Choosing integrated digital signatures has helped Finnplay do away with inefficient contract management

Regulated markets

Founded in 2008, Finnplay specializes in solutions for the iGaming industry, including casino and sportsbook platforms.

It caters both to start-ups and established firms — but working in the highly regulated gambling market means that compliance is key across the board.

When Finnplay decided to move its internal file server into the cloud, it knew that it needed a platform that prioritized cybersecurity. After vigorous testing from the company’s legal and privacy teams, Finnplay chose Tresorit to store and share company files.

“I approved Tresorit because I was happy with the cost versus the benefits,” says Jaakko Soininen, Finnplay’s managing director.

Streamlined signatures

But for Finnplay, Tresorit has provided perks that go beyond secure storage. With the launch of Tresorit’s e-signature solution, Tresorit eSign, the company was able to bring all of its documents into a single streamlined digital space.

Previously, Finnplay’s employees had been forced to download documents from Tresorit, upload them to a separate eSign solution, and then repeat the process in reverse with the completed files.

For a company that needed tens of documents signed each week, this convoluted process was both tedious and inefficient.

“It was a hassle to take the files, upload them to a separate tool, send them to the cloud, and then save everything back to Tresorit,” says Soininen.

By choosing Tresorit eSign, Finnplay can send files to be signed directly from Tresorit’s workplace, track the document’s progress, and receive the completed paperwork directly into a secure folder.

The switch has allowed Finnplay to streamline its office workflows, saving valuable time and creating a more efficient signing process across the company.

Today, Finnplay uses Tresorit eSign both internally and externally. The company’s customer support team uses the system when working with clients, safe in the knowledge that the system is intuitive and easy to navigate. It allows them to keep document management quick and simple — while retaining the highest standards of security for sensitive customer data.

“Tresorit eSign integrates well into our document management processes,” says Soininen. “We can do signature requests faster.”


Founded in 2008, Finnplay is a Nordic-based provider of iGaming platform technology and services, which specialises in tailored solutions for the online and mobile gaming industry in regulated markets.


Software Development / Gambling Facilities and Casinos





The challenge

  • Working in regulated markets that require strict standards of compliance

  • Need to improve inefficient document signing system

  • Solution must be suitable for internal and external use

Tresorit’s solution

  • Tresorit tools comply with major data privacy regulations such as GDPR

  • Solutions provide an integrated file management system

  • Efficiency-boosting tools allow for streamlined document signing

  • Intuitive interface is easy-to-use for customers and employees

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