On-premise to cloud migration

Save yourself the cost and administrative hassle of traditional file servers with Tresorit’s secure cloud solution.

Migration from on-premise to the cloud with Tresorit

Innovative companies trust Tresorit with their confidential information

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Cloud migration challenges

Cloud migration challenges

As technology has matured, more and more businesses started leveraging the benefits of the cloud. Contrary to file servers, the cloud allows easy scalability, enhanced mobility and collaboration between offices at a fraction of on-premise costs. Businesses are adopting cloud computing processes, however, it is not an easy initiative. Cloud migration introduces new challenges:

  • Migrating data to the cloud feels like an uphill battle
  • Low or slow adoption of a new solution
  • Not every cloud solution is secure enough
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One solution for cloud migration

Tresorit is the end-to-end encrypted content collaboration platform which safeguards confidential information with the highest classification in the cloud.

  • Make unauthorized file access technically impossible
  • Empower seamless teamwork from anywhere, anytime
  • Leverage powerful control and monitoring options

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How much can your business save by moving to the cloud?

On-premise file server TCO calculator

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On-premise file server Total Cost of Ownership calculator

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On-premise file server Total Cost of Ownership

Personnel specifications

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Hardware specifications

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  • RAM size in GB 0
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On-prem file server TCO

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Tresorit service TCO

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TCO savings with Tresorit

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Monthly 0

On-prem file server TCO

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

Tresorit service TCO

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

Annual Hardware costs

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

No Hardware costs

Yearly: 0€ Monthly: 0€

Annual Operating System costs

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

No Operating System costs

Yearly: 0€ Monthly: 0€

Annual Platform costs

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

Service included Recovery

Yearly: 0€ Monthly: 0€

Annual IT labor costs

Yearly: Monthly:

No IT labor costs

Yearly: 0€ Monthly: 0€

Annual Vendor support costs

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

Service included Vendor support

Yearly: 0€ Monthly: 0€

Annualy Disaster recovery

Yearly: 0 Monthly: 0

Service included Disaster recovery

Yearly: 0€ Monthly: 0€


International consulting and technology firm chooses Tresorit as a safe and stable alternative to servers


I’m really happy with the features Tresorit offers. The system is pretty robust and ensuring that our data is safe couldn’t be more straightforward. Tresorit’s cloud solution is exactly what we needed.

Dr. Christoph Plapp, Owner and Managing Partner of Logivations, an international consulting and technology company with headquarters in Munich
Riot Studios
Riot Studios

Media Production company Riot Studios uses Tresorit as a secure & convenient alternative to hard drives

Riot Studios

Tresorit values the security of my business unlike anybody else. Contrary to mainstream providers like Dropbox, Tresorit uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee that my files are safe in the cloud.

Will Bakke, Founder & CEO of Riot Studios, an award-winning film production company located in Austin, Texas.
Intergroup Partners

A management consulting firm is ensuring GDPR compliance in the cloud with Tresorit

Intergroup Partners AG

Tresorit simplified a lot our internal processes and helps us to collaborate with our clients easily, while reassuring them that their data are handled in a compliant way. There is no excuse for anybody not to use Tresorit.

Montserrat Corominas, CEO of Intergroup Partners, an international consulting firm, with expertise in Energy, Healthcare, Mobility, IoT and Security

Tresorit goes to great lengths to ensure your privacy stays intact.


Tresorit takes security seriously and has taken extensive steps to make sure that it maintains a well-protected platform. Tresorit is also certified for ISO 27001, providing GDPR and HIPAA compliance for businesses


Tresorit’s zero-knowledge e2e encryption architecture means that, unlike cloud storage giants like Dropbox, Tresorit cannot decrypt and access users’ files. So it cannot be subpoenaed to hand over content data itself.

It's time to migrate to the cloud

Tresorit is a market-leading cloud security solution which helps organizations store and share documents securely. Our virtual storage vault is secured with zero-knowledge end-to-end encryption and provides a safe haven for your files and documents, providing on-premise equivalent security in the cloud. Files and documents can be accessed 24/7 from your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

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Secure work from anywhere

Leverage powerful control and monitoring options

Setting up high-level protection for file servers is much harder than you would think. Firewalls, anti-virus, or other standard security products are usually not enough. You also have to design and maintain a secure server configuration and keep your servers up-to-date with the latest security patches. With Tresorit, you don't have to worry about security.

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Frank Bösenberg

"We were unable to afford the expenses and efforts of company servers and IT experts, who keep our security up-to-date. By switching to Tresorit our consultants and clients are now presented with the desired flexibility - without having to compromise their data security."

Frank Bösenberg, CEO of Eurogrant, a German consulting company, which supports universities and businesses procuring funding from EU research projects.
Easy Back-up, File Recovery, and Ransomware Protection

Easy Back-up, File Recovery, and Ransomware Protection

On-premise to cloud migration does not mean you have to give up on your existing file structure. Tresorit enables you to keep your files the way you like them when you upload them to the cloud. Uploading a backup only takes a few clicks. And in the event you lose your device, your data will still be accessible as Tresorit updates your files in real-time and automatically adds any edits you make to your online backup. Tresorit also allows you to restore files deleted accidentally or due to ransomware.

More about ransomware protection →

Tom Cooper

"We’ve been using Tresorit for years now as a cloud backup for our edit projects. The syncing is fast and reliable and the app is simple to use. It’s great to know our valuable project data is securely archived."

Tom Cooper, Post Production Supervisor at Icon Films, an award-winning production company producing programmes for broadcast by networks both in the UK & US.
Secure work from anywhere

Enhanced Mobility

Tresorit dismantles the mobility barriers of file servers, as it allows users to access files from any device, from anywhere; at home, on the move. Files can be accessed on the go from Tresorit's mobile app or via the Tresorit Web Access. Users can also download the Tresorit desktop application for an improved experience and easy file syncing between their devices. The application runs in the background, making sure that all files are up‑to‑date.

More about mobility →

Leif Hinrichsen

"Tresorit truly is as safe as it gets, and it is also very quick and flexible. You can sync data to a device but also keep everything securely in the cloud. Mirroring our internal file server to Tresorit allows employees to access and edit files from anywhere securely."

Leif Hinrichsen, CFO, Jiyan Foundation, a Nonprofit supporting survivors of human rights violations and defends fundamental freedoms in Kurdistan

Protect confidential data

Get a leg up on the competition. Keep your files and archive well organized in the cloud with Tresorit and securely collaborate with your colleagues and clients, while reducing IT costs and issues.

Restore data lost due to ransomware

Restore data lost due to ransomware

Easily recover your files that are accidentally deleted or lost due to a ransomware attack.

Upload your existing folder structure

Upload your existing folder structure

Keep your files organized the way you like. Simply back up and sync any of your local folders.

Data Residency Options

Data Residency Options new

Select the data centers where you want to keep data and satisfy company policy or industry and jurisdiction-specific regulations.

Stay in control with the Admin Center

Stay in control with the Admin Center

Setup policies such as enforcing two-step verification or limit access to approved locations and devices.

Track activity on shared files

Keep files in Sync

Escape from the limits of your hard drive and define which subfolders to sync on your device.

Save space on your hard drive

Save space on your hard drive

Integrate Tresorit Drive to your local file manager to upload and access files without storing them locally.

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