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How Tresorit helps cybersecurity firms protect businesses’ digital valuables

“Security, privacy, and fair pricing are the reasons we chose Tresorit,” - Henk-Jan Angerman, Secwatch founder and Chief Visionary Officer.

Secwatch enhances secure collaboration with Tresorit

Secwatch, a leading Dutch cybersecurity firm, sought a solution to safeguard sensitive client data and create trust among existing and potential clients. A decisive factor was the ability to set up virtual data rooms with very few mouse-clicks. The use of Tresorit enables the IT specialists to create a secure vault, allowing users to store, share and collaborate on sensitive data with ease.

The Company: Secwatch is a renowned cybersecurity consultancy based in the Netherlands, founded in 2005. Specializing in cyber risk management, security audits, and digital forensic investigations, Secwatch offers tailored solutions to protect businesses from evolving cyber threats. With a team of seasoned experts with vast experience in the field, Secwatch is dedicated to providing comprehensive strategies and cutting-edge technologies to fortify clients' digital defenses.

Challenges: Secwatch faced the critical challenge of handling sensitive client data that could reveal the security architecture - and potential, yet unfixed loopholes of their clients. A strict separation of different clients' and different teams' data was therefore a key requirement - without hindering collaboration where needed. Needless to say the solution should offer robust security measures to protect data from unauthorized access or disclosure.

The IT security professionals of Secwatch encountered limitations with previous solutions like Box Enterprise and Microsoft OneDrive. “These solutions did not address our requirements of safely distributing highly sensitive documents”, says Henk-Jan Angerman, CVO at Secwatch.

Search for Solution: “The security of our clients' data is paramount to our operations. We needed a solution that gives our customers absolute trust that their most confident IT data is in best hand. At the same time our teams need all the capabilities to collaborate without switching tools for handling data,“ says Angerman.

After thorough evaluation, Secwatch established key search criteria to ensure the chosen solution aligned with their stringent security and collaboration needs. These criteria included:

  1. Digital Virtual Data Rooms: As a cybersecurity firm handling highly sensitive information, Secwatch sought a solution that offered digital virtual data rooms to securely store and share confidential documents with clients. This feature would provide an added layer of security and control over the dissemination of sensitive information.
  2. Ease of use and rapid deployment: Secwatch required a solution completely integrated into their systems and workflows that could be deployed without any implementation time and would deliver highest usability.
  3. Ultra-Secure Platform: Secwatch required a solution with advanced encryption standards and robust security features to protect sensitive client data from unauthorized access or breaches.
  4. Granular User Controls: The ability to control access permissions at a granular level was crucial for Secwatch to ensure that only authorized individuals could view, edit, or share sensitive documents.
  5. Data Residency Options: Given the global nature of their operations, Secwatch needed a solution with flexible data residency options to comply with regulatory requirements and address client concerns about data sovereignty.
  6. European Player: It was important to work with a European Company with highest data privacy standards and GDPR-compliance.

Based on extensive Market research and tests Tresorit evolved as the optimal solution for Secwatch's requirements. It ensured a very fast time to market and saved costs on extensive training sessions. Tresorit’s user-friendly approach enabled seamless integration into Secwatch's existing workflows, allowing teams to adapt quickly and efficiently to the new platform. With its easy to use and intuitive controls and minimal learning curve, employees could maximize productivity without sacrificing security. This combination of simplicity and productivity empowered Secwatch to focus on their core business objectives. Another key factor is that Tresorit is a European player, fully owned by Swiss Post, ensuring adherence to the stringent Swiss data privacy regulations and maintaining full GDPR compliance.

“We like that it is possible with very few steps to to create virtual data rooms. That allows us to work productively in controlled and secure digital environments”, explains Angerman. “The ability to manage access permissions at a granular level, granting only authorized individuals the ability to view, edit, or share confidential documents allows us to operate at highest security standards with uncompromised end-to-end encryption.”

Furthermore, Tresorit offered flexible data residency options across multiple countries and geographical regions, a crucial factor for Secwatch's global operations. This flexibility not only ensured compliance with stringent regulations like GDPR but also addressed client concerns regarding data sovereignty.

Moreover, Tresorit's reputation for reliable customer support further solidified its appeal. Secwatch knew they could rely on prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed, providing them with peace of mind in managing their security and collaboration needs effectively.

Lastly, Tresorit's proven track record serving reputable organizations across various industries demonstrated its effectiveness in meeting complex security and collaboration requirements. This track record reassured Secwatch that they were deploying a trusted solution capable of safeguarding their sensitive client data while empowering seamless collaboration.

Implementation & Results: Tresorit’s intutive and user-friendly application was seamlessly integrated into Secwatch’s workflow. The app serves as a secure digital vault, allowing users to store, share, and collaborate on sensitive documents with ease.

Quantitatively, Secwatch experienced a notable increase in productivity as a result of streamlined collaboration processes facilitated by Tresorit. The intuitive interface and granular user controls allowed employees to share, access, and collaborate on documents more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources. This boost in productivity translated into tangible cost savings for the company, as they were able to consolidate multiple platforms into one comprehensive solution. By eliminating the need for disparate tools and systems, Secwatch reduced overhead costs associated with maintenance, training, and software licensing fees.

Angerman emphasized the significant return on investment generated by the implementation of Tresorit. “The investment in Tresorit paid off. We have realized immediate benefits in terms of increased productivity and cost savings. However, beyond the quantitative gains, we got the benefit of earning additional trust from clients.” Secwatch's commitment to data security and collaboration excellence, demonstrated through the adoption of Tresorit, enhanced their reputation as a trusted partner in the Dutch cybersecurity landscape.

Feedback & Lessons Learned: "Our clients appreciate the ease of use and robust security features offered by Tresorit," says Angerman. "The platform's transparency in areas like data retention policies builds trust with clients, which is crucial for establishing collaborative and secure partnerships.” Secwatch has effectively demonstrated that with Tresorit, they can provide an all-in-one solution that doesn't compromise compliance, security, or privacy for usability and efficiency, ultimately gaining new business and reinforcing their professionalism.

Conclusion: The use of Tresorit has transformed Secwatch's approach to client collaboration, providing a secure platform that meets the highest standards of data privacy and protection.

"The ability to create data rooms within seconds helps us to compartmentalize the sensitive data of our clients in a very efficient way. That gives us a competitive edge and creates additional trust with our company. At the same time it is seamlessly integrated into our workflows without additional programming that it became instantly an important component of our security architecture," concludes Angerman.


Founded in 2005, SECWATCH B.V. is a specialist information security consultancy company in The Netherlands, Almere. For more than 15 years, SECWATCH has been helping SMEs and enterprise organizations to protect themselves against high-impact threats.


Information Security





The challenge

  • Need to protect and distribute highly sensitive security reports

  • Must ensure impeccable GDPR compliance

  • Customers prefer a wide variety of data residency options

  • Required easy data tracking and multiple sharing links for a variety of customers

Tresorit’s solution

  • Tresorit’s industry-leading end-to-end encryption ensures ultimate protection for sensitive files

  • Customers and employees can easily collaborate with sharing links and file request feature

  • Granular control for user access to specific files and folders

  • Multiple data residency options included as standard

  • Intuitive interface guarantees quick rollout and high level of usability

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