How Tresorit helps cybersecurity firms protect businesses’ digital valuables

“Security, privacy, and fair pricing are the reasons we chose Tresorit.”

For more than 15 years, Secwatch has helped businesses both large and small take care of their most valuable digital assets.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2005, the company helps organizations defend against high-impact digital threats by providing cyber risk management, security, and digital investigation services.

Working in cybersecurity means that Secwatch knows the value of data privacy. However, they soon found that mainstream collaboration and sharing software didn’t meet their high demands.

The company previously used Box Enterprise, but had security and usability concerns that made it unsuitable for distributing highly sensitive documents. The firm also investigated Microsoft One Drive, but found similar issues.

For Secwatch, the answer was Tresorit. Today, it uses our ultra-secure platform for internal file storage, to share data with customers, and to give customers a safe place to share documents of their own.

Specialist security as standard

Tresorit allows Secwatch employees to quickly share files while still maintaining complete control over user activity. There’s no limit on the number of sharing links that users can create, which means there’s no limit on collaboration. At the same time, intuitive granular controls mean that Secwatch can dictate exactly who has access to individual files and folders.

But for Secwatch, one of Tresorit’s greatest advantages is its Swiss values and its robust data residency options.

Tresorit provides 12 data residency options: Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, UAE, UK, and two US locations. Different user groups on the same Tresorit subscription can even be assigned different data residency options.

“In the past, we had a lot of customers who had issues with other cloud storage companies because they are American and that is where their data resides,” says Henk-Jan Angerman, Secwatch founder and Chief Visionary Officer.

“One of the main arguments for us to use Tresorit and to recommend it to our customers is that it’s a European company working to standards that are even higher than GDPR.”

More importantly, these data residency options come at no additional cost, unlike some mainstream providers.

At a time when costs are rising for everyone, Tresorit acts as a one-stop shop for digital tools such as file storage, e-signatures, and email encryption, allowing businesses to bypass the extra costs and technical difficulties that come with multiple platforms.

Building trust

Today, Secwatch recommends Tresorit to its clients who want to improve their cybersecurity — particularly SMEs or companies who need a secure, cloud-based server.

Secwatch finds that Tresorit works well for their clients thanks to its focus on usability, as well as robust security and performance. Most of the company’s Netherlands-based customers are already familiar with uploading documents onto online portals, which means they find the switch to Tresorit quick and easy to manage with minimal training.

That instinctive connection is important if companies want to avoid the scourge of shadow IT: the informal and insecure digital platforms that often appear in offices when their official counterparts are too unwieldy to use, Angerman explains.

“If a platform is hard to use, with all kinds of multifactor authentication and tokens and stuff like that, people will try to bypass it,” he says.

As Tresorit is easy for clients to use, Secwatch can use the platform in a truly collaborative way, in order to demonstrate their dedication to client security in real-time.

Secwatch’s data retention policy provides just one example. The company is required to delete client data after holding it for six months — and by using Tresorit, clients can see that policy in action. As customers can easily access the folders and documents that have been shared with Secwatch, they can verify that those folders are empty and that data has been destroyed. It’s a simple process that lays the foundation of a trusting client relationship.

In the meantime, Tresorit is still improving. Our latest features and integrations are designed to serve customers like Secwatch who share our passion for excellence in cybersecurity.

“Security, privacy, and fair pricing are the reasons we chose Tresorit,” says Henk-Jan Angerman.


Founded in 2005, SECWATCH B.V. is a specialist information security consultancy company in The Netherlands, Almere. For more than 15 years, SECWATCH has been helping SMEs and enterprise organizations to protect themselves against high-impact threats.


Information Security





The challenge

  • Need to protect and distribute highly sensitive security reports

  • Must ensure impeccable GDPR compliance

  • Customers prefer a wide variety of data residency options

  • Required easy data tracking and multiple sharing links for a variety of customers

Tresorit’s solution

  • Tresorit’s industry-leading end-to-end encryption ensures ultimate protection for sensitive files

  • Customers and employees can easily collaborate with sharing links and file request feature

  • Granular control for user access to specific files and folders

  • Multiple data residency options included as standard

  • Intuitive interface guarantees quick rollout and high level of usability

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