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Why Tresorit is the cloud-sharing platform of choice for cybersecurity professionals Northwave

Even specialist cybersecurity companies need digital protection.

Northwave knows about cybersecurity. Based in the Netherlands, the company works with businesses across the globe to manage and monitor companies’ digital security. They’re also on hand to provide an instant response in the event of a cyberattack.

“Most of our clients are international companies that work worldwide and employ between 500 and 5,000 people,” says Marc de Jong Luneau, Northwave’s CCO. “They have a lot on their plates, but they do not necessarily have the competencies to adequately manage digital risks. We provide continuity for that task. We take over the daily process of managing information security processes.”

Northwave became one of Tresorit’s first customers back in 2015, after searching for a solution that could make data sharing and storage both secure and hassle-free. They also hoped to partner with a European company. Tresorit ticked all the right boxes.

“Northwave and Tresorit spoke the same language right from the get-go. The developers at Tresorit come from a security background and had security front of mind. We chose Tresorit because their goal, like ours, is to make things secure first, and then as easy as they can be.” says de Jong Luneau.

Confidence and comfort

Northwave uses Tresorit to store their least-sensitive data — internal information related to their own organization’s marketing — and share it company-wide.

As a rule, Northwave’s employees are already passionate about security, but it’s Tresorit’s usability that has allowed the solution to be easily adopted throughout the business. Compared with competitors, Tresorit provides both confidence and comfort. All this means that seven years down the line, Northwave still keeps Tresorit at the heart of its marketing operations.

“We come from the days when we were doing business with the founders of Tresorit, and it still feels very much that way, which is a big difference,” says de Jong Luneau.

“There’s that ‘extra’ compared to alternative vendors. We’ve always been happy with the open and pleasant relationship with our peers at Tresorit, which I love when we have questions, new challenges, or suggestions for features.”

More importantly, those suggestions are often implemented by the Tresorit team, improving functionality and leading the launch of new features, such as encrypted email and Tresorit eSign.

“We’re very happy with the fact that, over the past seven years, Tresorit’s functionalities have really improved both on the back-end, in terms of managing files and folder structures, and in the day-to-day user experience”.


Northwave offers an Intelligent combination of cyber security services to protect your information. Northwave integrates people, processes and technology into an Intelligent Security Operation: smart security that controls proactive and reactive measures based on a pragmatic (ISO certified) quality management structure. Northwave combines Information Security, Privacy and Business Continuity Management with our Cyberintelligence and Security Technology services.


Computer and Network Security




201-500 employees

The challenge

  • Need to keep files secure in a constantly evolving cybersecurity environment

  • Ability to cater to a large workforce

  • Needed European base

Tresorit’s solution

  • True end-to-end encryption

  • Regularly released updates and new features

  • Team constantly receptive to client feedback and suggestions

  • Maintains highest standards of Swiss privacy

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