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Startup NotCo uses Tresorit for easy-to-use encrypted file sharing it can trust

Disruptive food tech startup NotCo needed a user-friendly encrypted collaboration solution that didn’t compromise on security.

NotCo is on the cutting edge of the food industry. The company brings together chefs and researchers with a single aim: using AI to create plant-based versions of animal products that taste just as good — if not better — than the originals.

The startup’s international R&D team works with research chefs, ingredient providers, an internal quality assurance team, and a host of co-manufacturers to perfect new formulas, which can then be passed on to the company’s development kitchen.

These formulas are the intellectual property of the company. As such, The Not Company has recognized the importance of keeping proprietary data confidential in ensuring the business’ continued success.

The company’s encrypted collaboration software, however, wasn’t meeting their needs.

Their former provider ensured that final formulas were stored securely, but the data was difficult to access — even for approved users.

This lack of a user-friendly interface and the laborious process of sending links made collaboration slow, dragging down productivity.

Effective collaboration

NotCo needed a solution where many people could access the files they needed frequently, before uploading, editing, re-uploading, and sharing them to facilitate day-to-day collaboration. They found that Tresorit could give them the efficiency and speed they needed, without compromising on security.

At NotCo, we’re in business to reinvent the food industry through the power of AI. The R&D team I’m part of handles a part of the company’s intellectual property, and Tresorit lets us collaborate efficiently and securely on that confidential data with colleagues all over the globe.
Julia BerningFood Scientist
We needed a solution that would let us store, upload, edit, re-upload, and share business-critical information quickly, every day, without ever compromising on security. Tresorit strikes the perfect balance, and it’s now easier than ever for the team to share our confidential R&D data with the right person. What’s more, files are no longer getting lost on people’s local hard drives!

With Tresorit, NotCo can store confidential information and quickly select which employees or contractors need access to specific files.

Tresorit’s usability has allowed the company to store more of its data securely. Today, NotCo stores all investigation documents, including data on the validation of ingredients and studies on texture and color using encryption, rather than just the company’s final formulas.

Smooth daily operations

In a little over 12 months, Tresorit has become part of NotCo’s day-to-day workflow.

NotCo’s R&D team access Tresorit via desktop app, working mostly on Excel sheets in shared folders. When they share confidential formulas, they can ensure that only the right people have access. Outside parties can access the document via a shared Tresorit link, which is protected with a 30-day expiration date and email verification. If a team has doubts as to who has access to a particular formula, they can check the activity on a specific link.

Tresorit has since been rolled out across the company more widely.

A dedicated Tresorit champion worked with NotCo to ensure a smooth onboarding process, helping staff with any initial questions and reducing the time it took for Tresorit to become NotCo’s “new normal.”

We have much better speed and efficiency in collaborating. It’s easier to communicate and work securely with colleagues in other countries, and files don’t get lost anymore because we have a much better folder structure. It’s so much easier to share the documents we need with the right person.


For people who believe eating healthier should be effortless and tasty, The Not Company is a Foodtech, that reinvents animal-based foods using only plants. Unlike traditional food businesses, our company uses technology to recreate the same products we love to eat in a natural, sustainable and affordable way, keeping it functional, easy to use and mouthwateringly delicious.


Biotechnology Research


HQ in New York, NY


201-500 employees

The challenge

  • Needed to protect confidential IP

  • Previous solution was time-consuming and hampered productivity

  • Needed a user-friendly solution that could facilitate collaboration with internal and external teams

Tresorit’s solution

  • Quick, reliable, and secure file storage with cloud access

  • Automatic end-to-end encryption for maximum security

  • Secure share links ensure quick and easy file sharing with collaborators

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface, even for outside teams

  • Tresorit champion ensured a smooth transition to the new solution

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